The new talk-show host opens up about her contentious divorce and custody battle

By K.c. Blumm
August 13, 2013 08:00 AM
Jeff Lipsky

She’s in the midst of a bitter divorce and custody battle with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, so it’s little wonder that Bethenny Frankel admits that she’s feeling “definitely bruised.”

“I’m going through a brutal, brutal time,” Frankel, 42, reveals in an interview with ABC’s Nightline, about the toll the divorce is taking on her.

“It really, really is. I mean, there’s no other way to slice it.”

When Frankel called it quits on her almost three-year marriage in December, she released a statement saying that she and Hoppy hoped to “amicably co-parent” their 3-year-old daughter, Bryn. But it hasn’t turned out that way.

Fears of Disappointing People

After documenting their relationship on Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After, the Skinnygirl cocktail creator says she feels like she’s disappointed people, “because I felt like I was this role model that represented the fairytale.”

But she says she doesn’t regret allowing the cameras to roll on the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of her relationship with Hoppy.

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“I could have stayed on the show and been like, ‘Oh everything’s perfect with us. Everything’s great,’ ” she says. “It made me feel dirty for people to think that I had this perfect relationship and this perfect life.”

Now the new daytime TV host (whose talk show Bethenny debuts Sept. 9) is trying to look forward. She recently vacationed in St. Tropez with longtime friend and billionaire Warren Lichtenstein and is doing what she can to alleviate her stressful situation at home.

“I would imagine, eventually, sex would be a nice release, but you know, who knows,” she says. “If I’m exercising or doing yoga, it’ll take the edge off on some level. And then I like to have a Skinnygirl cocktail. I’m not going to lie. Honestly. It’s mommy juice.”