"Peanut, I love you so much," Bethenny Frankel wrote on Instagram
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel, Bryn Hoppy
| Credit: Bethenny Frankel/instagram

Happy birthday, Bryn!

In honor of her daughter's birthday, former RHONY star Bethenny Frankel shared a sweet slideshow of rare photos of the 10-year-old.

In the first photo, Bryn smiles softly, wearing a sun hat.

In the second image, Bryn can be seen jumping excitedly in front of Frankel, 49, as the birthday girl is surrounded by presents.

For the last two photos, Bryn and Frankel — who are both wearing festive pajamas — share hugs and kisses.

"Peanut, I love you so much. You have given me ten years of joy, inspiration, laughter and absolute love. You bring meaning to my life every day. You are such a sweet, loving and sunny person that shines light on everyone around you," Frankel captioned the post.

Bethenny Frankel
Credit: Bethenny Frankel/instagram

"You are loved. I wish for you health an happiness and that you continue to do what you love and what makes you happy every day and let your spirit fly!"

Concluding the sweet tribute, Frankel wrote, "PS: @biggysmallz were up all night wrapping presents for you and they love their sissy so much!"

In response to the sweet birthday post, Bryn seemingly commented using Frankel's account, writing, "This is Bryn thank you so much you are so sweet and nice for commenting."

Frankel rarely shows photos of Bryn, whom she shares with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. In March 2019, attorneys for the exes presented their respective cases: Frankel is seeking primary custody and full decision-making power over Bryn, while Hoppy wants to maintain the current joint custody arrangement. The status of the custody trial is not immediately clear at this time.

Bethenny Frankel
Credit: Bethenny Frankel/instagram
Bethenny Frankel
Credit: Bethenny Frankel/instagram

Last year for Halloween, Frankel shared a photo of herself and Bryn dressed up as policewoman for a trick-or-treating adventure in Boston — where her boyfriend Paul Bernon lives.

“You have the right to trick or treat… 🚨👮🏼‍♀️🐶👮🏻‍♀️🐶🚓” Frankel wrote on Instagram alongside a string of photos from their mother-daughter night out. “Happy Halloween! 🎃”

Frankel made sure to cover Bryn's face with sunglass emojis.

Frankel's celebratory post of Bryn comes on the heels of the latest season of RHONY.

After season 11 of the series, Frankel made the decision to leave the franchise for the second time.

Frankel was part of the debut cast of RHONY, helping launch the show into a massive success. At the end of season 3, she exited to lead a Bravo spinoff, Bethenny Getting Married (later titled Bethenny Ever After). She went on to host a self-titled talk show, Bethenny, from 2012 to 2014 before returning to RHONY from seasons 7 through 11.

“Well, it’s exhausting and emotional. People across the franchise will tell you they develop anxiety, and it’s very stressful,” Frankel told Variety of her time on the Bravo series. “And that’s not how I am in the relationships that I’ve cultivated over the years.”

In August 2019, Frankel shocked fans when she announced she was leaving the Housewives franchise to “explore my next chapter.”

Frankel, who runs and oversees multiple businesses, including Skinnygirl, wanted to focus her attention on some of the things that matter most in her life — most importantly, her daughter and her B Strong foundation.

“I have a real career. So it’s really hard when we’re not covering that what I’m really doing is my career, because I then have to do the show and my real career,” Frankel told Variety. “So if we’re just showing me having lunches and on vacations, then I’ve got three jobs — because I’ve got to be a mother too.”