The reality star admits even Andy Cohen played a role in her choice to wed

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In the latest chapter of the never ending divorce saga between Bethenny Frankel and her estranged husband Jason Hoppy, the reality star told fans last week that she didn’t follow her own mantra of “going with her gut” when making her decision to wed Hoppy in 2010.

At the NYU Alumni Association’s Speakers on the Square event (moderated by PEOPLE) Frankel – an NYU alumni who majored in Psychology and Communications – spoke out about her belief in going with your gut in everything from her business to personal life.

Asked by an audience member what her gut told her as she was about to wed Hoppy, she said, “I think my instinct and gut going into my marriage [knew] it would turn out the way it did. I could feel it, but I intellectualized it. People are always talking about ‘Do I go with my head or my heart?’ Go with your gut.”

The opinions of her friends, including Andy Cohen, also influenced her. Warning fans against listening to others over themselves, she said, “Later on, your Mom likes them, your friends are all getting married, your head gets involved, you love having sex with a person, that’s your heart [or something else] getting involved,” she says. “It’s all Andy Cohen’s fault, he will admit it. And yes, that’s the point. That’s why I wrote the book I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To – because I wasn’t making a decision out of truth, I was making a decision out of fear.”

Despite seeing her rocky romantic life play out in real time on reality TV, Frankel, 44, says she has no regrets about filming the implosion of her marriage on her spin-off Bethenny Ever After. “Looking back on that, I don’t really believe in regret, and it was situation where they were giving me a show – a spin-off – and I was in a relationship and it kind of just became, ‘This is what’s going on in your life, and this is compelling,’ ” she told the audience. “It was hard for me to compartmentalize.”

She continued, “But again, my gut did not like that we were doing a show together. My skin crawls thinking about it. I just did not feel right about it, and I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to be the Tori [Spelling] and Dean [McDermott] show. I don’t want to do this.’ And not because that’s a bad show but just because I just didn’t want to do that, and I didn’t go with my gut. It didn’t cause my divorce or anything, it’s just a whole new s—show that’s more of a s— show because of that.”

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Now back on The Real Housewives Of New York City, Frankel joked with the audience about her next spin-off. “We’re doing a show called Bethenny’s Getting Divorced that’s just like MASH. Actually, it’s just never going to end,” she quipped. “It’s the longest series in history.”

Just last week, Hoppy, 44, was spotted with a mystery woman at a restaurant in Tribeca.