Bethenny Frankel Says Kyle Richards & Lisa Rinna Had 'Zero' to Do with Leaking 'RHOBH' 's Puppygate

In a since-deleted tweet, Bethenny Frankel said she believes Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna weren't responsible for leaking the story ahead of the ninth season of RHOBH

Bethenny Frankel has some tea to spill about the “Puppygate” scandal that’s dominated the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In a since-deleted tweet, Frankel, 48, said she believes Housewives Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna were not responsible for leaking the story to the press ahead of the show’s season premiere.

“I was on @BravoWWHL last PM & @andy asked me about the “dog”. I’m real friends with @lisarinna bc she shoots straight no chase. I text her & my friend @kylerichards all the time & FACT, they had ZERO to do with any items leaked. That much i know,” the Real Housewives of New York City star wrote on Thursday.

The drama began when Dorit Kemsley adopted a puppy from Vanderpump’s rescue shelter before filming began on RHOBH. She decided to give it away to a friend after the dog bit her daughter and husband. Apparently unbeknownst to Kemsley, the dog ended up back at a shelter, where rescuers used a microchip to trace it to Vanderpump Pets — putting Kemsley in violation of her pet adoption contract and making the Vanderpump Dog Foundation look irresponsible.

Multiple Housewives have accused Vanderpump of leaking the story to the press.

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When asked about the scandal during Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Frankel shared that despite all the drama that’s gone down between Richards and Vanderpump, she doesn’t think their friendship is actually over.

The pair, who have been friends for 12 years, had an epic fallout on the show after Richards accused Vanderpump of leaking stories to the press in order to make Kemsley look bad over the scandal.

“Based on the way that Kyle’s talking, I don’t think it will be over over,” Frankel said.

Frankel added that she also told her pal Rinna — who has accused Vanderpump of orchestrating the whole scandal — to be very careful when taking on the reality star.

“As I said to Lisa [Rinna] by text…if you’re gonna take a shot at that V, you better not miss,” she said. “If they’re trying to put her in the ground, there’s one finger moving, you better make sure she’s dead, and she ain’t.”

Frankel expanded on the comments she made about Puppygate on Twitter, emphasizing that she “personally” has “no issue” with Vanderpump.

“What I said was to indicate that @lisarinna & @KyleRichards are my girls & if LVP was up to some trickery, they have to be very clear because she will go down fighting. I have no issue with @LisaVanderpump personally but there seems to be a lot going on behind the scenes,” she wrote on Thursday.

In response to a fan who claimed that Frankel’s comments were proof that Vanderpump’s castmates had “conspired to take @LisaVanderpump down,” the reality star wrote that the women had likely just “hit a breaking point

“These ‘takedowns’ are fiction. On my show, it happens also because the women hit a breaking point. And there is always more going on than you know. Keep watching,” she wrote.

“Furthermore, any ‘takedown’ accusations are absurd,” she added. “Sometimes, a group gets fatigued from a castmates’ actions & communicates on & off camera. @KyleRichards is real friends with @LisaVanderpump & I was expressing that LVP is not one to take that lying down.”

During the show’s season premiere, an employee of Vanderpump Dogs brought the puppy out and began discussing the situation in front of Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Richards.

According to text messages discovered by Vanderpump, Mellencamp Arroyave always planned to identify the dog during the visit to the store.

Mellencamp Arroyave eventually admitted that she initially conspired to get the storyline on the show, but she insisted Vanderpump pushed her to do so.

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“I was in on the scheme. I was part of the scheme,” Mellencamp Arroyave told Kemsley while apologizing for her part. “I was set up and I took the bait but could not go through with it. I didn’t tell Kyle, I didn’t tell Lisa Rinna.”

“I was involved but none of it would have ever happened if Lisa Vanderpump wouldn’t have given them direct orders to constantly contact me,” Mellencamp Arroyave added. “I can tell you this: I’m sorry and I want to move on … None of it would have happened without her orders.”

While the drama is still playing out on screen, the feud has gotten so bad that Vanderpump has stopped speaking with her RHOBH costars, even refusing to film with them when shooting the season 9 credits.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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