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Before you air kiss The Real Housewives of New York City goodbye – tonight is the finale (Bravo, 10 p.m. ET) – Bethenny Frankel answered your questions about the show and her fellow housewives. Get the dish from the natural food chef, who e-mailed her answers below, then get ready to see much more of these Big Apple socialites: Bravo officially announced these ladies who lunch will be returning for season 2 next year!

How were you discovered to be a participant on the show? –LeslieI was at a polo match in the hamptons. Jill, who I had met before, approached me and said “skinny b—-!!! I’m doing this show and I want you to meet the producers.” I met the producer, and they offered me the role later that week. I declined for 2 mos. Bc I didn’t want to be on another reality show Bethenny was on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. (That’s why I wasn’t in the first 2 episodes that much.). I ultimately decided to do it because bravo is such a great network and it would be an incredible opportunity to promote and my book How to Be Naturally Thin on shelves may 2009.

I was just wondering if all of you girls are ACTUALLY friends, or if it is all just for the show? –Christine Stirrat I’m friendly with jill. I knew her briefly before the show. I have dinner or drinks with luanne occasionally. I’ve been out with ramona once or twice and never seen alex off camera or away from a press appearance. Do you ever watch yourself on the show? If you do, do you get mad about what they edit out and put on? I watch once a week when everyone else does. People blame editing because they don’t take responsibility for their actions. When I decided to do the show, I opened my life to the world, was totally honest for better or worse. If you’re going to do something, do it 100 percent. There are some things I’d rather not share, but the viewer is investing in me by taking time out of their life to watch, so I provide them with truth even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable. This show really is real.

Why do you need that boyfriend? you have everything going for you!!! You’re beautiful, young, successful, funny, etc. dump him! he’s got 3 kids and doesn’t get you, girl. so what do you see in him????? –ValeriHe’s an incredible person. He does have 3 kids. I chose the person not the situation. It isn’t that “he’s just not that into me.” It’s that he’s just not that into being on television. He was on tv solely to raise awareness for his sister’s charity: children’s tumor foundation. Jason is very private and had no interest discussing our relationship on tv. Just because I made this choice doesn’t make it his.

When I watch the show all I see are a bunch of women concerned with nothing but getting ahead in society. Why the unbelievable need for acceptance? It just seems so shallow. Do you agree or disagree? –AngelaI agree that the need to get ahead in society is shallow depending upon the reason. For example, I go out at night to “social” events solely to business. Some would argue that that is trying to get ahead in work society. If someone is socializing simply to be more popular then I don’t understand. I wouldn’t leave the house if it weren’t for work. I find the term “socialite” and its definition revolting.

What do you think of Alex’s nude photo’s that are all over the web? She says it is art but I have this nagging notion that she is just trying anything to be famous. What are your thoughts? –Lacey What alex does in her life to make money or be famous is her business. I do have a lot of experience with the press, and I do think that should be very careful and strategic about their goals and about the images and information that they put out there. Success doesn’t happen overnight and very few succeed from a quick fix.

What do you think of how Simon and Alex spend thousands of dollars on “wearable art” clothes for her when their home is a shambles? –Fredda Everyone has their priorities. I live in a one bedroom apartment in manhattan, but everything down to underneath my kitchen and bathroom sinks is orderly, neat and stylish. My apartment is a home. It is wear the foundation of my life is. I’d rather have nice linens, an organized home and a nice kitchen before a nice outfit.

One of the episodes, LuAnn instructs you to introduce her to “Staff” as Countess de la Seppes. How did you not slap her in the face?! –TamarTo each his own. I may never understand it, but I have to accept each person’s preferences. If I don’t like it, I don’t have to have my driver drive her. It is my choice. My driver, my housekeeper and my assistant are family. They come on vacation, I let them bring their kids over. It’s how I am and how I will always be.

Jay Sullivan/Bravo