Bethenny Frankel on Relationship With Jill Zarin: 'Everything Doesn't Need to Be Tied Up' Perfectly

"I went to the funeral and I wish her the best. And that's where it is," says Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin may have put the past behind them for the latter’s husband Bobby Zarin’s funeral last month, but that doesn’t mean their relationship is totally on the mend.

Speaking to PEOPLE Now, Frankel admits she didn’t expect to get emotional at the funeral.

“To be honest I thought I was going to pay my respects and leave, and I ended up lingering and staying and having emotions,” says Frankel. “I really did know Bobby. And I did sort of remember all of these quotes that he had said.”

Jill and Frankel had barely spoken since fighting on the third season of Real Housewives of New York City. At the funeral, Frankel says she learned that Bobby had been pushing Jill to make amends with the Skinny Girl founder.

Jill told Frankel that she had asked Bobby “fix it, you have to call her, you have to fix it,” but that he’d continually insisted, “No, you have to learn the lesson, you were wrong.”

Frankel says she was shocked that Bobby said no to Jill, and that the former Housewife was so adamant about repairing the relationship in the first place.

“I’m glad that I attended and that I spoke to her and that it’s clean because she feels that he would’ve wanted that,” says Frankel, “and it’s just one less thing for her to be upset about. I do feel for her having such a tremendous loss.”

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Of how things currently stand, Frankel tells PEOPLE Now, “We used to be friends, some things happened, her husband passed away. I went, I paid my respects. We are what we are.”

“Everybody wants to make everything into something… Everything doesn’t have to be tied up in a perfect box,” she continues. “I went to the funeral and I wish her the best. And that’s where it is.”

Frankel doesn’t anticipate a return to RHONY for her frenemy, saying, “Jill will probably not be coming back based on the different dynamic last year. Life must go on.”

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