After meeting this summer, the two television powerhouses started a romance
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Looks like a mogul match made in heaven!

After they were spotted together at an Apollo in the Hamptons charity event, a source confirmed to PEOPLE that Bethenny Frankel and Marcus Lemonis are “seeing each other.”

Now that cupid has officially struck Frankel, 44, and Lemonis, 41, find out everything you need to know about the new powerhouse couple.

Their Empires
SHE published her first book, Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting, in 2009. Frankel followed the self-help debut with three other books and the launch of her Skinnygirl cocktail company. In 2011, she sold Skinnygirl to Beam Global in an estimated multimillion-dollar deal. In 2012, Technomic’s data showed that the brand of low-calorie alcoholic beverages was the fastest-growing spirit company in the business.
HE is the chairman and CEO of Camping World, America’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, and Good Sam Enterprises, an RV owners organization. According to Lemonis’ website, the companies had almost $3 billion in sales in 2014. Camping World has had sponsorship deals with NASCAR since 2007, and in 2014 Lemonis secured sponsorship of the sport’s Truck Series through 2022. Lemonis has invested in numerous other ventures, including several baking companies, auto companies, organic snack companies and real estate.

Their Shows
SHE premiered on The Real Housewives of New York City in 2008. After taking a hiatus from the show for three season, Frankel returned for its seventh season in 2015. She also starred in Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After (titled Bethenny Getting Married? in season 1) for three years. In 2005, she was the runner-up on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Frankel also had a talk show called Bethenny that debuted in 2013.
HE was a guest host on Celebrity Apprentice and also appeared on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. In 2013, Lemonis’ CNBC reality show The Profit premiered. In each episode, Lemonis helps a struggling business by offering his industry expertise and investment.

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Their Families


was born in New York City to horse trainer Robert J. Frankel and interior designer Bernadette Frankel. Her mother married another horse trainer, John Parisella, after Frankel left her and 4-year-old Bethenny. Frankel had a difficult childhood involving fighting and alcohol abuse in her family.
HE was born in war-torn Lebanon and lived in an orphanage before being adopted by a Miami couple at 9 months old. Growing up, Lemonis’ family owned the largest Chevrolet dealership in Florida.

Their Business Mottos
SHE says on her website, “I truly believe you can start a business at any stage in your life. Just be prepared, the road to entrepreneurship is filled with twists, turns and dead ends, but if you’re passionate and persistent you can successfully navigate it all.”
HE believes “business success is about the three P’s: People, Process and Product.” His website explains that “[Lemonis] recognizes that the most important "P" is people, and that the right people are effective while the wrong people are destructive. The second "P" looks at how organizations create, deliver and sell the process. Finally, the third "P" determines whether the product is an excellent one and a relevant one.”

Their Thoughts on Love
SHE told PEOPLE in April, “you have to date someone who has their own identity. Someone’s identity can’t be you . You just have to know how to handle me. I’m complicated.” She added, “I’m okay with a money gap, but men need to feel in control – there’s nothing more emasculating than a woman pulling out her credit card.”
HE told Inc., “I think in any family, in any relationship, the spouse, the significant other, the friend, has to recognize that there is a great deal of sacrifice that is made in order to be an entrepreneur. It’s a journey, really; it’s a life commitment. In most cases you’ll find that relationships work out well because they’re entrepreneurs, but I can tell you that I would bet that a good chunk of relationships fall apart because people become entrepreneurs it’s a tough balance, very tough.”