What Part 1 of the Real Housewives of N.Y.C. reunion show lacked, Part 2 delivered: Catfights and fireworks galore!

It was “Kelly time” as we started off the show, zooming through a montage of Kelly’s best (worst) moments. One thing about Kelly, you can always depend on her slighting someone, whether she knows it or not. “Out of all the housewives, you are my favorite,” she revealed to Jill, right in front of everyone. Then she went off on a tangent about how different she is from all of the rest of the Housewives because she drives a pickup truck. “We got the pickup truck memo. We got it!” Bethenny said as Jill called Kelly out for living in a $15-million mansion and one of the most expensive buildings in New York. Jill, Bethenny and LuAnn were like teapots who’d been holding their steam for too long. They really went off on Kelly. Bethenny even called her “a piece of s–t.”

The conversation went from Kelly time to bizarro time the more Kelly talked. “Sometimes I really wonder if you are the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, because the things you say don’t make sense,” Ramona said. Face it folks: When Ramona’s calling you out for your craziness, you need to look in the mirror!

After the break we switched to a LuAnn montage, dedicated to all of her Miss Manners advice moments. But the manners went out the window as LuAnn described Ramona’s“crazy eyes.” Sure, that’s what we all were thinking, but how can these ladies even talk to each other after they say such things to each other?

And how funny that Alex remained perfectly silent and polite with a sly little smile on her mouth. She just sat back and watched as the craziness unfolded. Last season everyone thought Alex was bizarre, and she was the one above the fray this year!

As the talk got too heated host Andy Cohen broke to “air the room out,” before returning for a Jill montage, which for some reason focused entirely on the last episode of the show. Focusing in on the fight between Jill and Bethenny somehow led to Kelly bragging that when she was 15 she was honored for being the most charitable person in her area. Her area? What 40-year-old brags about her 15-year-old accomplishments?

After a brief moment to figure out whether or not Kelly was wearing a bra, we finally hit the Bethenny-Kelly cat fight head-on. Until the montage recap, did anyone remember that Kelly went into that bar saying “Bethenny needs a time out?”

“I needed a time out, ‘cause you’re my mommy?” Bethenny questioned as Kelly tried to explain how Bethenny was the attacker in that scenario. “You attacked me. That’s what happened. You have no clue what’s going on on this planet!”

At one point Kelly tried to suggest that she and Bethenny could have been best friends. “We’re exactly the same,” she said. “Only you’re brunette and I’m blonde.” That was a telling statement.

Suddenly, out of left field, Alex popped in to play referee, explaining that Kelly’s primary problem was the fact that she was inarticulate, and all of a sudden they all moved on. Has Alex has found her new career — relationship counselor!

As the discussion switched to Kelly’s Halloween party, the ladies began hurling insults at each other until moderator Andy Cohen finally said, “I’m getting a headache, so let’s take a break.”

Weirdly, the last few minutes of the show were dedicated to Jill’s mother, Gloria. And then they all kissed each other goodbye. –Mark Dagostino

Tell us: Did Part 2 live up to the hype? Should the Real Housewives of New York City come back for another season? And if so, who should come back?

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Heidi Gutman/Bravo