September 19, 2017 07:52 PM

Beth Behrs’ fur baby gave her a little too much love.

On Sunday, the 2 Broke Girls actress took a trip to the hospital after her dog, a Yorkie named Betty, unintentionally scratched her cornea.

“First #yorkie ER visit,” Behrs wrote on Twitter, alongside photos of her hospital visit. “Betty’s claw scratched my cornea while handing her to her father.”

One day after her visit, Behrs shared a snap of her resting on the couch. “Ugh #pirate in pain,” she captioned a photo of her wearing a black eye patch.

Betty isn’t the only pet in the 31-year-old’s life — she also has a horse named Belle, whom she finds comfort in when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

“I noticed just being around horses, my panic attacks started going away,” Behrs previously told PEOPLE exclusively for the 2017 World’s Most Beautiful issue. “They’re so grounding. You have to be your authentic self around them, which is so empowering. You realize, I don’t have to fake it. If you’re scared, say I’m scared — they’ll come right to you. If you try to put up a wall or fake it, they won’t.”

“When I went to Belle’s rescue, Blue Apple Ranch in Ramona, California, we were in the pasture and she literally walked up and put her head on my chest,” the actress previously recalled of first meeting her 6-year-old quarter horse-mustang. “It was like, ‘Yeah I’m good, that’s the one!’ She’s been amazing.”

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