Bernie Sanders let Anderson Cooper in on a little secret

By Tierney McAfee
Updated February 04, 2016 04:50 PM

Bernie Sanders broke down and confessed that he and Larry David are one and the same person during CNN’s Democratic town hall on Wednesday night.

Okay, he was kidding – but we still have our suspicions.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Sanders about David’s dead-on SNL impression of the Vermont senator, saying, “Larry David is hosting SNL this weekend. He does a pretty good imitation of you. Do you do a Larry David imitation?”

“Anderson, I know you’ve been in journalism for a long time,” Sanders responded. “I am Larry David. And you didn’t get it!” <img class="size-article-wide wp-image-2369218" src="; alt="Larry David as Bernie Sanders on SNL ” width=”2000″ height=”1333″>Larry David plays Bernie Sanders on SNL

Cooper also asked Sanders about his five-song folk album from the ’80s, We Shall Overcome.

“If you’re looking at a president who can carry a tune, I’m not your guy.” Sanders said. “I hope I have other attributes, but singing is not one of them.”