Bernie Sanders boogied to the 1976 hit "Disco Inferno" during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Tierney McAfee
Updated October 15, 2015 02:00 PM
Credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty

Bernie Sanders attempted to dance his way into voters’ hearts during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.

The Democratic presidential hopeful took the stage to the 1976 hit “Disco Inferno,” clapping, stepping in time and waving one disco finger in the air as the lyrics “burn, baby, burn” played.

DeGeneres declared his moves “fantastic” and went on to praise him for putting politics aside and coming to Hillary Clinton’s defense during the Democratic debate Tuesday night when she was asked about her email controversy.

“I think that’s the exact thing that people are sick of, is people being political,” DeGeneres said. “I think people just need to hear you say what you feel.”

“I think that’s absolutely right. I think, Ellen, you hit the nail on the head,” Sanders replied. “And I will tell you I have been in many, many campaigns in my political life and I am very proud to say I have never run a negative political ad in my entire life – and I’ve been attacked a whole lot.”

The Vermont senator, whose musical resumé also includes a 1980s folk album, demonstrated just how powerful positive vibes can be when he broke out his disco dance moves to the delight of the crowd.

Feel the Bern!