The British actor plays a game called "Three Word Stories" on The Tonight Show

By Tim Nudd
November 18, 2014 09:35 AM

Benedict Cumberbatch was a man of few words Monday on The Tonight Show – just three at a time, actually.

The British actor, 38, played a game with Jimmy Fallon called “Three Word Stories,” in which they speak to each other three words at a time. The catch: In each round, one of them has a word he has to get the other one to say.

In round one, Fallon tries to get Cumberbatch to say “unicorn.” In round two, Cumberbatch tries to get Fallon to say “booty.”

Check out the video above to see how they did. (Hint: Only one of them really did well, and it might not be whom you’d expect.)

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