"I guess it's so cliché to say: I want her happy. I just want Lauren to feel fulfilled and joyful and to be celebrated," Ben Higgins said of ex Lauren Bushnell

By Natalie Stone and Scott Huver
August 27, 2018 04:11 PM

Ben Higgins wants nothing but the best for ex-fiancée Lauren Bushnell.

Last May, the Bachelor stars called it quits on their more than year-long relationship, saying in a statement at the time that “we wish nothing but the best for each other.” Two months after the pair ended their engagement, Bushnell began dating Devin Antin. But after just over a year of dating, they’ve gone their separate ways, too.

Now that Higgins, 30, and Bushnell, 28, are both single again, would the former ABC leading man ever consider rekindling their relationship?

“Well, you’ve got to talk to her!” Higgins told reporters at the Clayton & Ellen Kershaw’s 6th Annual PingPong4Purpose event at Dodger Stadium on Thursday.

“I did hear that,” he said of Bushnell being single again. “I’ve been asked about it a lot.”

Said Higgins, “It’s such an interesting place for me now to sit in, where all you hope for that person at first, that you’re, you’re angry and you’re hurt and you’re confused and then all of a sudden you turn to this thing where you’re like, There’s no good for me being mad. Like there’s nothing good coming from me wishing any ill will on Lauren. So then you start to celebrate her new life.”

Credit: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

“And then that ends, and I’m in a weird place where it’s like, What do I do now?” he shared.

Following his split from Bushnell, Higgins said, “I’m sad. I’m a little confused, a little lost, but I’m doing all right.”

Although their breakup was painful, Higgins said he has no ill will towards Bushnell and wishes her only happiness.

“I just, I guess it’s so cliché to say: I want her happy. I just want Lauren to feel fulfilled and joyful and to be celebrated. And I know these times in life I haven’t had to go through in the last year and a half. But when breakups happen, like it’s really raw and hard,” he told reporters. “So I just hope like whatever happens, she can recover with grace and she will still do it.”

In the more than year since Higgins became a bachelor again, the Denver resident has been pouring his energy and efforts into his company, Generous Coffee Company.

“I’m traveling the world trying to get this coffee company off the ground. And I think unfortunately my, my personal life has maybe gotten pushed behind. I don’t want that. Like I desire that I don’t want that long term, but it’s where I’m at now,” he said. “So I guess I would say I’m not dating, but I am interested in [and] open to dating.”

And when the right lady comes along, Higgins will be ready for love.

“I’m ready to date, and I’m excited about the possibility of a relationship,” he told PEOPLE earlier this year.

“That has been taking up a time of time,” he said of Generous, “and I think right now, that has been a really good thing for me in my life to have a purpose outside of just dating.”