Ben Higgins and Fiancée Lauren Bushnell Play the Pre-Newlywed Game – Plus Find Out What She Finds Annoying About Ben!

How well do the Bachelor couple really know about each other?

Photo: ABC

They may be headed down the aisle soon but how well does this newly engaged Bachelor couple really know about each other?

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel put Ben Higgins and fiancée Lauren Bushnell to the test in a pre-newlywed game called “Fiancé My Name” on Monday, following the Final Rose episode.

The questions were focused mainly on the members of their families, and Bachelor Ben did fairly well! He successfully answered the names of Lauren’s siblings, uncle and her dog but perhaps his best response was when he was unable to name his future mother-in-law’s maiden name. “Beautiful,” he wrote on his cue card. Aww!

However, the future Mrs. Higgins did not get as many correct answers. It’s okay though as Kimmel said it best: “You’ll get to know each other better!”

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Although ABC may have pitched season 20’s bachelor as the “perfect Ben,” Bushnell revealed her one pet peeve about her fiancé.

“So Ben is a very heavy mouth breather,” she said. Higgins also explained that his beloved recently got mad during a sacred time together. “We were praying and she stops and she goes ‘can you not pray so loud?'” he shared.

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