Besties Ben Affleck and Matt Damon teamed up with Verizon for their interactive series, The Runner

By Char Adams
May 10, 2016 12:05 PM

Will you “join the chase?”

Verizon released the official trailer for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon‘s new project, The Runner – an interactive competition series that allows anyone to participate.

The concept series, available on Verizon’s go90 video app in July, will feature a designated “runner” who will travel across America, following a series of clues.

Over a 30-day period, the runner must evade chasers to reach a specified destination, according to Entertainment Weekly. The runner could stand to win $1 million if successful.

Anyone with the Go90 app can play along in an attempt to catch the runner, and take home the prize money.

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The nearly two-minute trailer features a series of intense, fast-paced shots of the runner racing through busy streets, traveling on a boat and leaping down stairs.

Along with the new project, the pals and creative collaborators have teamed up to produce Thirst, an HBO movie about the global water crisis, according to EW. The two are also working on a Syfy thriller called Incorporated.