'Below Deck' Deckhand Flies Overboard in Scary Season 6 Trailer, Leaving Captain Lee in Tears

In the exclusive premiere of Below Deck's season 6 trailer, one deckhand gets accidentally pulled into the water by his leg, screaming for help

Below Deck has moved from the seas of the Caribbean to the clear-blue waters around Tahiti’s black sand beaches for its sixth season — but it’s not all smooth yachting ahead!

In the exclusive premiere of the hit Bravo show’s season 6 trailer, the crew is faced with a mountain of troubles — including one deckhand who gets accidentally pulled into the water by his leg, screaming for help.

“Man overboard!” someone screams over the radio transceiver, as deckhands rush to help him.

The incident leaves even Below Deck‘s steadfast Captain Lee Rosbach shaken.

“I need a minute,” he tells producers, getting up from a confessional interview while choking back tears.

Rhylee Gerber and Ashton Pienaar. Bravo
Ashton Pienaar. Bravo

Fans aren’t used to seeing Rosbach this way.

The veteran sea captain has more than 20 years in the yachting industry and is usually known for barking out orders (and firing a few people here and there).

He appears to do that to at least one crew member this season, though that mysterious person isn’t ready to going gracefully.

“They told me to tell you you have one hour and you’re leaving,” Rosbach’s most-trusted chief stewardess Kate Chastain says to the fired crew member, who remained locked behind a cabin door.

Rosbach and Chastain are the only two familiar faces Below Deck fans will see this season.

It’s a whole new crew, with Josiah Carter (steward), Caroline Bedol (stewardess), Adrian Martin (chef), Chandler Brooks (bosun), Ross Inia (deckhand), Ashton Pienaar (deckhand) and Rhylee Gerber (deckhand) filling out the cast.

Between the above-deck demands, there’s a lot of below-deck drama, of course — including a few crew hookups and some bitter feuds.

Perhaps Chastain sums it up best. “Fire dancing and flower crowns,” she quips, “We are not in the Caribbean anymore.

Below Deck season 6 premieres Oct. 2 (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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