Captain Lee Rosbach Walks Off 'Below Deck' Reunion amid Tense Arguments: 'I'm Done'

Captain Lee Rosbach can be seen walking off the set and telling host Andy Cohen, "I need a break"

Captain Lee Rosbach is pulling a classic move out of the Real Housewives playbook for Below Deck‘s upcoming season 7 reunion.

In a trailer for the reunion released Friday by Bravo, Rosbach can be seen walking off the set and telling host Andy Cohen, “I need a break.”

“I’m done putting up with this s–t from d—heads,” he says.

Rosbach’s move comes amid a sea of tension for this season’s cast. Chief stewardess Kate Chastain has been clashing with chef Kevin Dobson and boson Ashton Pienaar all season, while Pienaar and his two male deckhands (Brian de Saint Pern and Tanner Sterback) have been at odds with female deckhand Rhylee Gerber.

Gerber has also clashed with Dobson. And Chastain’s two second stewardesses, Courtney Skippon and Simone Mashile, have had a bone or two to pick with de Saint Pern and Sterback due to their respective on-and-off romantic affairs.

All — including deckhand Abbi Murphy, who left earlier in the season — are back at the reunion to discuss the drama on the show and work through their problems. But they’ll have to navigate some rough waters first.

In the trailer, the feuding sides come after each other.

“That’s very dramatic,” de Saint Pern says.

“Sorry is bulls—!” Gerber shouts back.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Rosbach’s walk-off comes months after the shocking loss of his 42-year-old son Joshua Lee, who died after an accidental drug overdose in July.

“There’s a hole there that can’t be filled,” Rosbach told PEOPLE at BravoCon in November. “It’s a daily pain.”

In December, he revealed on the Below Deck After Show that he leaned on Chastain after the death of his son.

She flew down for my son’s funeral. Not a hesitation, she just got on a plane and she was there. And that’s what friends do,” he said, holding back tears. “It wasn’t even a question. She said, ‘I’ll be there in the morning.’ She flew down to Charlotte, then rents a car and drives the rest of the way to be there for my son’s funeral.”

“Is there a better friend than that?” he said. “There aren’t many people in the world you can count on like that. That will be there when you said, ‘I need.’ And they don’t even say, ‘I’m here’ — they just show up. … She’s a really, really caring person.”

He added: “That was one of the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. To have her show up, take care of [my wife] Mary Anne, and be there for my family? … She’s my best friend.”

The two part Below Deck reunion begins Monday (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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