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May 02, 2017 12:46 PM

She’s not your mother, so no, Captain Sandy doesn’t care what you do on your downtime — just keep it below deck.

Speaking with PEOPLE before Tuesday’s season premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean, the new captain explains what it’s like being in charge of a crew of 20-somethings, what her captaining style is and how she handles all the onboard drama.

“I’m not bossy or bitchy, more like reality,” Captain Sandy tells PEOPLE of her leadership style. “I will like slap them across the head and go, ‘How old are you? You’re 24? Okay, well you’re acting like you’re 12.’ “

“I just try to bring them back to reality,” she continues. “I tell them, ‘Look where you are, you’re standing on a 50 million Euro boat. You are in the middle of the Mediterranean in a dream job that everyone who watches the show would love to have. Snap out of it.’ “

When there is a bit of turmoil onboard, Captain Sandy isn’t afraid to fire someone.

“I try to let it resolve itself,” she says. “When it comes to the bridge that’s when I step in and someone usually gets fired. I have a fourth wall. Crew members are not allowed to come to me about the person in charge of them unless it’s obviously detrimental to their health. The minute it reaches the bridge, it can’t be resolved and I usually fire them, because coming to me is like telling on their boss.”

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As for dealing with crew hookups, Captain Sandy could care less — just don’t bring it to work the next morning.

“For me, it’s happened on almost boat I’ve worked on,” she admits. “Think about it, they’re young, handsome, gorgeous, and they make a lot of cash with unlimited amounts of alcohol. Do I allow them to drink under charter? No.”

“How I handle it is, I don’t care who you sleep with or if you all sleep together, but the minute you come up on deck you better be professional. I don’t want to see that behavior on deck and do your job. And they do. Most of the time they do their jobs.”

Though there have been times she needs to step in.

“There have been times I’ve had to say, ‘Knock it off.’ I’m not their mother; I’m their leader,” Captain Sandy explains. “I am here to lead a team and out perform the vessel next to me. They have to have outlets. You can’t demand what we demand from these crews and not let the have these outlets. Can you imagine if they couldn’t have sex, drink or do their thing as 20-somethings? It’s like a college at sea.”

Deckhand Bobby Giancola also tells PEOPLE that it does in fact get steamy below deck this season.

“It’s juicy! There’s a lot of flirting going on and confusion on who does who like,” Giancola says of the new season. “And then there’s times where you don’t want to step on anyone else’s toes, but then you’re getting mixed feelings. Then there are past relationships that affect judgement of others. You’ll see it’s crazy! Things come out of left field. There were things that still surprise me and I lived it!”

Below Deck Mediterranean season 2 premieres Tuesday at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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