Recently, clips of the chef's audition on the first episode of Cycle 4 of Tyra Banks' show resurfaced online
Rachel Hargrove
Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo

Below Deck star Rachel Hargrove had a taste of being on reality television long before she stepped aboard Bravo's My Seanna.

The superyacht chef actually made her reality debut in 2005 on America's Next Top Model

Recently, clips of her audition on the first episode of Cycle 4 of Tyra Banks' show resurfaced online.

"Oh, yeah! That happened. That was so much fun!" Hargrove, 38, told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the audition video.

While a lot of fun, the Bravo star reveals she didn't go on the competition show with high hopes of becoming a supermodel but rather, she was recruited while working at a bar and accepted the audition invitation. 

Rachel Hargrove
Rachel Hargrove
| Credit: CBS

"I was bartending and the casting director came up to me and [said], you know, um, 'Excuse me, have you ever thought about being a model?' And I thought, are you f–ing high?'" the chef joked.

"I'm slinging drinks and I'm a kitchen creature, so it wasn't like, it wasn't one of those things where I was like, 'Hey, I'm gonna go stand there at this cattle call', but it was kinda cool." 

Hargrove added, "They just kind of brought me through, I think it had to do with my personality being just off the wall, so I don't know! It was a lot of fun, it was a lot of fun."

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The Bravo star described Banks, 47, as "interesting" and said the experience gave her an insight into reality television before later making a comeback on Below Deck

In the clip from her audition, the ANTM host asked Hargrove why she chose to audition and she responded, "Why not?" She then strutted in front of judges Banks, Jay Manuel, and Miss J. Alexander in one casual outfit and a bikini.

"My competition is everybody, whether they're skinny and tall or voluptuous and larger than me," the reality star told producers in an interview. "Anything I can do, I'll do it."

Hargrove added, "As long as I'm not showing nipple, I'm good to go. My grandparents are dead. I have no one to disgrace."

"I haven't changed," she told ET

ANTM premiered in 2003 and ended in 2017 after 24 seasons.