Bella Thorne says she can't tell when a girl is flirting with her, but that apparently didn't stop a "beautiful Brazilian girl" from hitting on the star

By Char Adams
April 18, 2017 02:07 PM


Bella Thorne may have a hard time reading signals from women, but that doesn’t stop potential love interests from shooting their shot!

The Famous in Love star recently told Harper’s Bazaar that she has a hard time determining whether a woman is flirting with her — and just a few days later, a “beautiful Brazilian girl” decided to try her luck, Thorne says.

“One girl actually did reach out to me, she commented on my live stream … on Instagram. And she was like, ‘Oh my God! I’ll date you. Like, please,’ ” Thorne, 19, recalls to PEOPLE Now.

“This beautiful Brazilian girl. I was like, ‘Oh my God. Seriously, she is so freaking pretty. Oh my God. ‘I stalked the s— out of her Insta,” she adds.

Thorne says she still doesn’t know how to read signals from women, but notes that she hates not being in a relationship.

“I really don’t like being lonely. And when I go away and stuff, I only really hang out with the crew members,” she says. “And it’s hard when you’re far away and I really like to cuddle. And I really like one person hitting me up.”

Thorne adds: “If I want somebody to text, then I want somebody to text.”

The actress, who recently dated Tyler Posey and has since been linked to Charlie Puth, admits that the spotlight definitely affects her dating life.

“You have some people that really just wanna get at you because of what you do,” she says. “Then you have other people that really don’t wanna get at you so hardcore because of what you do as well.”

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