'Bel-Air' Introduces New Fresh Prince in First Teaser — Watch

Starring Jabari Banks, Bel-Air premieres on Peacock in 2022

The Fresh Prince is getting deep.

The first teaser for Peacock's original series Bel-Air was revealed on Tuesday, setting the tone for a dramatic recreation of the beloved '90s series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The clip shows Will, played by freshman actor Jabari Banks, falling into a pool and swimming underwater to get to a throne. Around him, reminders of his old life in West Philadelphia float by.

"This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down," narrates Will Smith, using the words from the original Fresh Prince theme song.

"I looked at my kingdom. I was finally there to sit on my throne," he continues, as Banks is seen sitting confidently in his throne underwater, a crown on his head.

Nods to Smith's original, self-named character are evident, from his narration to the Jordan sneakers Banks wears.

Will Smith, left, and new "Fresh Prince" star, Jabari Banks. Joseph Del Valle/NBCU Photo Bank; Peacock

Bel-Air will air on Peacock in 2022. The series was inspired by a viral fan film of the same name, created by Morgan Cooper. Cooper imagined the NBC sitcom as a drama instead of a comedy, and was brought on as an executive producer, director and co-writer of the adaptation.

"With this dramatic reimagining, we wanted to create a show that stands on its own while honoring the spirit and innovation of the original series," Cooper said in a statement alongside the teaser Tuesday. "Because Bel-Air is a drama, we're able to really peel back the layers of these characters and themes in a way that you simply couldn't do 30 years ago in the half-hour sitcom format."

Cooper added that the series will involve more serious, prevalent themes about race. "We're able to go have tough conversations that challenge perspectives. At its core, Bel-Air is a celebration of the black experience through the perspective of a family."

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