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Happy Monday, Bachelor Nation. We’re back with another week of Becca Kufrin‘s season of The Bachelorette — read on for everything that goes down.


With hometown dates around the corner, we’re down to six guys as the episode opens in the Bahamas and things are shaking out a little differently. Instead of a rose ceremony at the end of the week, Becca sets up four dates — three one-on-ones and one three-on-one — with a rose up for grabs on each date.

The first one-on-one goes to Colton. The pick comes as a surprise to the rest of the guys, who admit that they can’t really see Becca ending up with Colton. This might have something to do with Colton’s big “secret,” which is that he’s a v-i-r-g-i-n.

Ironically, this ends up being the most sexually-charged date of the season. After spending a few hours making out all over their catamaran, Becca and Colton are introduced to a local fisherman who teaches them how to dive for conchs. Conchs — a.k.a. “Bahamian viagra” — are allegedly an aphrodisiac, and Becca uses this opportunity to exhaust any and all sexual puns. (“I’m super impressed with Colton. He really knows how to work that … conch.” You get the gist.)

Meanwhile, poor Colton is freaking out inside because he knows he needs to tell Becca about his virginity before the date is over. He’s worried it’s going to be a “deal breaker,” and says as much when he finally blurts it out over dinner.

“There is a conversation that I do want to have with you because it could be a potential roadblock for us,” he says, looking visibly uncomfortable. “It’s one of those things that is hard for me to talk about because I haven’t talked about it very often, and it’s something that I struggle with articulating. I told you earlier I put my professional life in front of my personal life. I spent a lot of time working on football Colton and I sort of forgot who personal Colton was. And I did only have one serious relationship coming into this — I haven’t had that many girlfriends or that many dates because of sports. And because of that I still am a virgin.”

Becca’s initial reaction is … less than ideal. (“Really?” was the first word out of her mouth.) It’s pretty awkward, and after a few minutes of floundering, she excuses herself for a moment. When she returns, she gently tries to ask why he never did the deed with his previous girlfriend. (Unconfirmed, but we’re pretty sure she’s talking about Aly Raisman.)

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Colton doesn’t really have an answer as to why it never happened with his ex, but he says it has nothing to do with waiting for marriage and everything to do with waiting for the right person.

“When the time comes, it’ll happen,” he says. “I’m not trying to prove anything. It’s just a part of me, you know? I’m not going to have a mistake one night. I want it to be a special moment. I want it to be a gift that I give to somebody.”

Totally kidding. We love you, Colton.

Becca tells Colton she would never judge him for his choices and thanks him for opening up about it. Oh, and he gets the rose. A win for virgins everywhere!


The next one-on-one goes to Garrett. They travel to a private beach via sea plane and it’s all very romantic. That night, she delves a little deeper and asks him all about his first marriage.

“I think that I was young and probably a little immature,” he says. “I wanted this future with children. I wanted to have a family one day and be that family man and be this awesome husband, and I would put in all my energy and effort to make it work. So I was excited to take that next step with someone and I thought it was her. But she’s like, so hot-blooded and screaming and yelling.”

Garrett says that from the beginning of the relationship, his now ex-wife would “act out,” but he pushed through it because he wanted to make it work. Becca expresses her fears that he might do the same with her, but he reassures her that there are no red flags here — and in fact, he’s falling in love with her.

Paul Hebert/ABC
Paul Hebert/ABC

At this point, there’s no denying that these two have real, genuine feelings for each other. They cap the night off with a moonlight swim and obviously, Garrett gets the rose.


Thank goodness Blake gets the last one-on-one because the man was truly starting to spiral. On the date, he confesses he’s been struggling with watching Becca’s relationships develop with the other guys. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite get the answer he was hoping for. Instead, Becca admits that going through the experience as the lead of the show has opened her eyes up to the challenges of falling for more than one person at a time.

“In a way, I do sympathize with Arie [Luyendyk Jr.],” she says. “Because I couldn’t understand how you could feel so strongly for multiple people, and I see just how difficult it probably was for him at the end. I’m following my heart and I’m following what’s right for me and it feels right, but it’s not easy.”

Paul Hebert/ABC

She later explains that she feels the need to be honest with Blake — even if it hurts — because of how much she likes him.

“I think I do need to be open with Blake about how hard this journey truly is because I do feel the most strongly for him — and as strongly as I do feel for him, I still have feelings for other guys,” she says. “It’s just scary knowing that we have so far to go. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks.”

That night, Blake opens up about his family and reveals that when he was in high school, his mom had an affair with his basketball coach/English teacher. Brutal.

“That was really hard,” he says. “If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I want the openness in the family. I don’t want to raise my kids that way. I want to put family first, over anything.”

Becca is totally on the same page, which opens up the floor for Blake to profess his love for her.

“I’ve fallen so much for you,” he says. “It’s been incredible. It’s been so much fun. Falling in love, it’s fun. It’s really fun. But I think staying in love would be even more fun and I’ve never had that. Becca, I am in love with you.”

“Blake is the first guy to tell me that he’s in love with me — and he’s no longer falling, but he’s there,” she gushes after giving him the rose. “Hearing him say that with such confidence — I want to hear him say it over and over again. I feel 100 percent confident with going to his hometown and meeting his family. With Blake, I just know. Every moment with him, I don’t want it to end.”


Finally, it’s time for the dreaded “group date” that’s really just a glorified three-on-one. Becca spends the day on the beach with Leo, Wills and Jason — but during her individual time with Leo, he gets candid about the fact that they might not be on the same page. Becca agrees, and they part ways before the date is over.

Heading into the evening portion with just Wills and Jason, Becca spends one-on-one time with each guy, leading her to make her “toughest decision” yet. Ultimately, she decides to go with Jason, sending Wills home in the process.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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