July 02, 2018 10:00 PM

Happy Monday, Bachelor Nation. We’re back with another week of Becca Kufrin‘s season of The Bachelorette — read on for everything that goes down.


The first one-on-one in Virginia goes to Jason — but not before Chris and Lincoln revert back to the sixth grade to argue about who would beat who in a fight. As Garrett puts it, these two are like Dumb and Dumber, and we’re not quite sure which is which.

Becca and Jason embark upon a tour of the city now that Becca has apparently become a Richmond history buff overnight. The highlight is definitely when they are forced to partake in a bizarre goth happy hour. We have so many questions.

Later, Becca surprises Jason by flying in his best friends for the day. They seem like perfectly nice, normal people, which is always a good sign. Ten points for Jason.

That night, they sit down for dinner and end up having a serious heart-to-heart about some of the hardships they’ve faced, like Jason losing his grandmother to Alzheimer’s and Becca losing her dad to cancer when she was just 19.

“I feel like my feelings for Jason grew exponentially today,” she says before giving him the one-on-one rose. “I feel like we connected on a whole different level. I wasn’t expecting to share those things with him tonight by any means, but it wasn’t hard — it was easy to open up to him.”


The group date goes to Colton, Garrett, Wills, Connor, Blake, Lincoln and Chris, who has become a full-fledged villain over the course of the last two episodes.

The men are forced to partake in a “campaign” for Becca’s heart. It’s like debate club except all involved are terrible at public speaking. While everyone else is parroting lines about how their perfect date would be going to the dog park with Becca, Chris decides to butt in with a wildly inappropriate tangent about how Lincoln called him a “fat f—” because he used to weight 300 lbs. The fact that this all unfolds in front of THE GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA makes the whole thing even more absurd.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Becca is understandably embarrassed. “Both Lincoln and Chris say that they’re here for me, but the way that they handled themselves around me and during this debate is stupid drama that should not be happening in front of all of these people,” she says. “It’s so embarrassing that these guys are airing their dirty laundry out for everyone to see. I don’t want to feel like I’m back in elementary school.”

That night, she sits down with Lincoln, who alleges that Chris “lashes out” at him and that he’s starting to fear for his physical safety. He also apparently reveals that one of the other guys, Connor, once asked to switch rooms because he was afraid to sleep with Chris. Becca confronts Chris about it; he adamantly denies it all but handles the entire interaction horribly.

The rest of the evening is somewhat strained, but the group date rose ultimately goes to Colton.

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Heading into her one-on-one with Leo, Becca isn’t feeling like herself after all of the drama that unfolded the night before. She eventually opens up about it to Leo, admitting to feeling “emotionally drained and exhausted.” Leo, who was somewhat of a surprising pick for a one-on-one, ends up being the perfect gentleman and turns the entire date around. (Not to mention he rocks a killer man bun.)

By the end of their evening together, Becca says she’s “hopeful” about their relationship and offers him the rose. When he gets back to the hotel that night, Chris realizes he’s hanging onto the competition by a thread and decides to visit Becca in her hotel room. As predicted, he completely self-destructs and is sent home pretty much immediately. Good riddance!


The following evening, Becca cancels the cocktail party and heads straight into eliminations, sending home Connor and Lincoln.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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