April 10, 2016 06:20 PM

Idina Menzel, eat your heart out.

Beau Dermott, a 12-year-old school girl, blew the judges away when she belted out an incredible rendition of Menzel’s Wicked hit, “Defying Gravity,” on Britain’s Got Talent Saturday.

The adorable blonde girl appeared shy when she first walked out onstage, but she soon transformed once she began singing, nailing every note with her surprisingly powerful voice. Beau not only won over the crowd (who gave her a standing ovation) but also won the coveted golden buzzer from judge Amanda Holden – meaning she won a free pass straight to the show’s live semi-finals.

Even judge Simon Cowell couldn’t hide his smile after Beau’s performance, saying, “We weren’t expecting that.” (That’s high praise from Cowell, mind you.)

Beau’s powerful performance was reminiscent of another Britain’s Got Talent surprise – Susan Boyle, who shot to international stardom with her drop-everything-and-watch-this performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables in 2009.

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