"It was quite spiritual," the Baywatch star says of his new fish tank

September 18, 2015 01:40 PM

When David Hasselhoff decided to get an aquarium installed in his house, he had a few requirements.

“I wanted bright fish that I could strike up a relationship with,” he tells PEOPLE. “Specifically, sharks and fish that have great personalities that would know you.”

So Hasselhoff, 63, turned to aquarium designers – and reality TV stars – Wayde King and Brett Raymer for help. The results will air on the season premiere of Animal Planet’s Tanked.

David Hasselhoff
Courtesy Animal Planet

King and Raymer are no strangers to celebrity fish tanks – they built a custom aquarium for Shaquille O’Neal last year. While meeting with Hasselhoff, they proposed some personal touches to the tank.

“The tank guys suggested that we put in a little bit of Knight Rider, Baywatch and, of course, the Berlin wall,” says Hasselhoff. “So they put in an actual piece of the Berlin wall, as well as a lifeguard tower and the Kitt car.”

Courtesy Animal Planet

While we won’t spoil what happens during the big reveal, it’s safe to say that Hasselhoff is delighted with the results.

“It was quite spiritual, actually,” he tells PEOPLE. “It made me feel calm and curious and honored that these fish would now be my friends. I couldn’t wait to be hanging out with my new friends and family!”

Courtesy Animal Planet

The new season of Tanked premieres Friday at 10 p.m. ET on Animal Planet.

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