Dylan Sprouse has traveled to Hungary twice to meet his girlfriend Barbara Palvin's family

Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse have already moved in together — and graced their first joint magazine cover — but they have one important milestone left.

The model still hasn’t met her boyfriend’s twin brother Cole Sprouse, she revealed in an interview for W Magazine, accompanied by a series of intimate photos featuring the incredibly photogenic couple

Palvin, 25, said that even though Dylan, 26, has been to Hungary twice to meet her parents, she hasn’t gotten any face time with Riverdale star Cole.

“I still haven’t met this brother,” said Palvin, who was recently seen on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway.

Credit: Lou Rocco/Getty; David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty

“Soon!” she added, sharing she’s already met the rest of her boyfriend’s family.

In response, Dylan explained that his brother “works in Vancouver,” where Riverdale is filmed, and is “a very busy guy.”

Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse
| Credit: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

However, Cole has supported their relationship via social media. Although the actor does not currently follow Palvin on Instagram, he did leave a comment on his brother’s Instagram after Dylan shared a series of steamy images from the photoshoot, including one of the pair standing topless in front of a window.

“We’re your parents now, babies. Check our @wmag new series just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s your homework. Sincerely, Your Family,” Dylan captioned the images.

“These look like the last photos people take before they disappear in a tragic ballooning accident,” Cole joked in response.


During the interview, the couple also revealed that although they first met at a party, the actor, who currently runs Brooklyn’s All-Wise Meadery, made the first move over Instagram.

“He slid into my DMs,” Palvin said.

“She followed me, so I was like, I guess I’ll give her something,” Dylan added. “I was like, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you’re in New York for very long, but we should hang out if you want to. Here’s my number.’ And she didn’t message me for six months.”

Right before heading to China for a lengthy shoot, Palvin texted Sprouse — and the rest is history.

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Last November, Palvin opened up about their romance to Vogue Australia, saying, “It’s not normal for me to have a boyfriend. I was single for six years.”

“It did pay off, I feel like I found the perfect guy. He’s very kind and gentle,” she added.

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin
| Credit: Barbara Palvin/Instagram

However, the former Suite Life of Zach and Cody actor said Palvin may not be the biggest fan of his attempts at PDA.

“She doesn’t like cuddling very much,” he revealed.

“I try to give her hugs and she’s like, ugh,” he added, before she jokingly responded: “I’m a strong, independent woman who wants to be free with you.”