Barbara Corcoran on Her Handsy 'DWTS' Debut: 'If I Wanted to Grab Any Other Spot, I Would Certainly Have Better Aim'

One of the most surprising moments from Monday's Dancing With the Stars premiere was when Corcoran grabbed onto her partner's (very) upper thigh

Barbara Corcoran Gets Handsy with DWTS Pro Partner Keo MotsepeCredit: ABC
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One of the most surprising moments from Monday’s Dancing With the Stars premiere was when Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran grabbed onto her partner Keo Mostepe’s (very) upper thigh while she got her feedback from the judges.

But on Wednesday, Corcoran said that wasn’t what she meant to do — nor does she think it was really her fault.

“Of course, much ado about nothing,” Corcoran, 68, told PEOPLE at the Season 9 premiere event panel at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. “If I wanted to grab any other spot, I would certainly have better aim.”

“No, I was reaching for Keo’s hand, actually groping for his hand, because I was scared to death about what the judges were going to say,” she continued. “It was just poorly filmed.”

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Unfortunately for Corcoran, she had a reason to be scared.

She and Mostepe got kicked off the season 25 of DWTS by receiving the lowest score of the night: a 14.

“Yeah, did you notice how I scored well?” Corcoran joked.

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Asked whether her Shark Tank costars Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, who had both appeared on DWTS in the past, gave her any advice, Corcoran said, “of course.”

“Well, Robert said, ‘Make sure you pick out a good dance partner, because chances are you will marry them,’ ” Corcoran said. “And that is exactly what my intention is, although I am married, but I will cover that detail soon.”

Herjavec, 55, appeared on season 20 of DWTS and went on to marry his partner Kym Johnson in 2016.

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But on a serious note, Corcoran added that “the advice I got from Mark was that [DWTS] was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life.”

Funnily enough, Cuban, 59, who appeared on season 5 of DWTS, also had Johnson, 39, as a partner.


“There is something about Mark that makes you think that nothing is hard for him, he seems to breeze through everything, and I should have believed him and not said ‘yes,’ because this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life,” she continued. “This is really a confidence crisis for me.”

“I am shocked at how weak I am,” she added. “I thought I was very good at pressure, but I’m not very good.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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