Bachelor's Melissa Suspected Molly Was the Other Woman

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Melissa Rycroft‘s shocking dismissal by fiance Jason Mesnick on national television was a surprise to Bachelor fans — but not to Rycroft herself.

“I knew on the night After the Final Rose I wasn’t getting dumped,” she tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview scheduled to air on her talk show Thursday. “We had already ended the relationship. And that was mutual.”

But there was one major surprise in store for Rycroft: the other woman, runner-up Molly Malaney. Once the cameras stopped rolling, Rycroft and Mesnick sat down and talked about how their relationship had changed after the finale. “When we brought up how difficult the relationship was, he kind of gave up and I couldn’t understand why at the time,” says Rycroft.

“I repeatedly asked him, ‘is Molly involved in anything?'” she says. “And when they moved up the taping of “After the Final Rose” … I asked Jason, ‘Am I going to be blindsided by anything? Is there anything you want to tell me?’

“And he said, “No, gosh no,'” Rycroft tells DeGeneres. “And the second I went out on that stage he goes, ‘P.S. it is Molly.'”

Feeling Betrayed Though Rycroft didn’t know for sure if Mesnick was also seeing Molly during their relationship, Rycroft says she had a suspicion. “Anybody that’s been cheated on, you know, and being a woman I got that feeling because he just backed away from me and I knew he had contacted her,” she says. “I know there had been at least one contact … where he was ‘checking on her’ and so it was just in the back of my mind.”

His answer?

“He kept saying ‘no,'” she says, adding that the feelings of betrayal are worse than the breakup itself.

“I understand it was a breakup and I’m not mad about that,” she says. “We all get broken up with but to be lied to is worse.”

Dating Is the Best Revenge But there’s good news for the jilted reality television star — she’s in a new, supportive relationship: She’s dating a man named Ty.

“Now that everything is over I’m so excited,” Rycroft says. I’ve known him for two years and kind of done the dating on and off. He has been by biggest rock and supporter throughout this whole process. He’s become my best friend.” –Brian Orloff

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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