"That’s been also a heartbreak, not being able to be a part of Barb and her life," she said

Hannah Ann Sluss felt her break-up from fiancé Peter Weber in more ways than one.

While talking to former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay (season 13) and Becca Kufrin (season 14) on Friday’s episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Sluss opened up about her relationship with Peter Weber’s controversial mother, Barbara.

“After our break up she definitely reached out a couple times,” the 23-year-old model admitted. “I love Barb, I honestly, I could break down crying just thinking about her right now because I miss her so much.”

“But I knew that forgiveness is the only way forward and I needed to work on, leading up to this day, to forgive Peter and to move forward,” she added. “And doing that is, you know, isolating myself from anyone close to him. And I can’t continue to talk to Barb every day if I’m trying to move forward from Peter, and that’s been also a heartbreak, not being able to be a part of Barb and her life. That’s also a heartbreak and a breakup in its own self.”

In the last week, Barbara has made headlines for her intense support of her son’s relationship with Sluss over his relationship with contestant Madison Prewett. During the live After the Final Rose, the mother of two even slammed Prewett to her face after the contestant came back to confess her love for Weber when she heard he called off his engagement to Sluss.

Sluss addressed Barbara’s comments, sticking up for the mother’s intentions.

Barb Weber, Hannah Ann Sluss
Barbara Weber, Hannah Ann Sluss
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“Barb, she’s a really special person and she’s just looking out for her son,” she said. “She just wants someone to love her son and to root for his own happiness and to be in a relationship with him for the right reasons.”

Weber popped the question to Sluss during the romantic final week of the season in Australia, shortly after Prewett decided to leave on her own terms ahead of the final rose ceremony after being unable to get past the heartbreak of knowing he was “intimate” during his Fantasy Suite dates with Sluss and Victoria Fuller.

Not long after, the 28-year-old Pilot called of the engagement from Sluss due to lingering feelings for the 23-year-old Auburn grad.

Sluss got her chance to knock him during the After the Final Rose, and so did his mother, who said she believed a relationship with Prewett was “not going to work.”

The Bachelor
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber
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“We want the best for him,” Barbara had said. “I have to tell you, completely two different people. One was willing to compromise and the other one was not. You need both to compromise. Earlier Peter said, I gave my heart to two people. At that place, one only gave his heart to him and that was Hannah Ann. To me, of course, my love went to Hannah Ann.”

“He’s going to have to fail to succeed,” she later added. “All his friends, all his family, everyone that knows him knows that it’s not going to work.”

Barbara addressed the criticism she’s received for her comments on her most recent Instagram post, where one follower defended the mother of two and wrote, “Can people please leave her alone! Barb, I think you did the right thing.”

“Thanks but I ignore all negatives!!” Barbara responded.