Call him names, he says, but he truly believes finding love on TV can work
Credit: Courtesy The Ellen DeGeneres Show

He walked away once. Would he do it again?

Brad Womack, who famously rejected his final two bachelorettes, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, on season 11 of The Bachelor, is optimistic about finding love, this (his second) time. “I don’t care if people call me an idiot or don’t believe those words coming out of my mouth. I truly believe that it can work,” he tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing Tuesday on her talk show.

But, “I would walk away,” he says if he were to finish the upcoming season 15 without falling in love.

“Again?” DeGeneres asks.

“Absolutely,” he replies.

Having said that, the Austin bar owner, 37, is optimistic for a better outcome this time. “I am a completely different person,” he says. “I believe it can work.”

Womack and DeGeneres have a little history between them. DeGeneres publicly called Womack a jerk after he made his controversial decision to pick no one in 2007. She later apologized to him.

Womack has always defended his decision not to choose the first time, but he admits his own issues were largely to blame. “I definitely have or had commitment issues,” he says. “I thought that I was as open as I was supposed to be, and clearly I wasn’t. I walked away and wound up all alone and left two girls standing there.”