By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 04:09 PM
Credit: Matt Klitscher/ABC

Roberto Martinez, the sexy South Carolina insurance agent who swept Ali Fedotowsky off her feet and proposed with a diamond ring on the season finale, of The Bachelorette tells PEOPLE, “I had a sense it was me – sometimes just the way she d look at me.” Now that the cat is out of the bag, Martinez, 26, talks about his friend Chris Lambton, starting a life with his fiancée in California and planning their upcoming nuptials. –Monica Rizzo

You’re engaged!
I am engaged!

How are you feeling now that the finale has aired and you and Ali can go public?
I just want to share with everybody. I’m engaged. I’m happy. I met this amazing woman. There was that start of not being able to live a normal life, which has been the last couple months.

Your proposal was really sweet and sincere. Were you nervous?
It s funny. I always thought I’d be so nervous when I was going to propose. Maybe it kind of shows it that way on the show, but I remember being so excited that day. I was so amped up to do it and start my life. There weren t any nerves. It was just pure excitement.

How did you feel upon learning that you were the only guy left in Tahiti the day you proposed?
Before she told me that, as soon as I walked up the steps I saw her smile and right then I knew this is the Ali I love and I know things are good.

You and Chris seemed to get along very well the entire time.
Chris is a great guy. He s got a lot of the same values I have. He s close to his family like I am. We connected right away. I ll be friends with Chris for a long time. We have a mutual respect for each other.

You’re very soft-spoken. Many times your dialogue appears on the screen with subtitles. Were you nervous with all the cameras?
I’m a private person. I went into it knowing that I had to be careful what I said. Not so much because I care what think about me. But I know how can manipulate things and critique every word you say. The only thing I cared about was what Ali thought. Maybe it wasn t the best thing for ratings because I d whisper to her instead of saying things on camera.

It was clear you guys had chemistry from the start.
Immediately, when I got out of the limo. I didn t know what to expect going into this. As soon as I walked out of the limo and made eye contact with her it became very real in terms of emotions, wanting to get to know her. I knew there was something there right away.

And you got the first impression rose that very first night!
Getting the first impression rose, I was shocked. I felt good about our conversation. I felt good about our time. But I ve never been in a situation where I m competing for one girl with 24 other guys. That first night, that was it for me. It was awesome.

Rumor has it you’re moving to San Diego.
Yes. I went back to Charleston. Ali and I spoke a bit about what our future would look like and I think the best decision for us was, she loves California. I ve always said I want her to be happy and I can be happy anywhere so I spoke with my company and found an office in San Diego.

Not to pressure you, but are you guys making any wedding plans?
We don t have a date set … Right now we’re ready to take this next step and start living a normal life. She’s going to move to San Diego.

What are you excited to do together once you’re settled in?
We’re both outdoors, so I think a mixture of stupid little things take for granted like grocery shopping, going to the park, going to dinner, kissing in public. Just being able to be open about our relationship. Life is going to be good.