'Bachelorette' 's 'Men Tell All': What You Didn't See

Photo: Kevin Foley/ABC

As promised, the ‘Men Tell All’ special was explosive (and not just because the flatulence in the blooper reel). But even with an expanded two-hour show, plenty of action was trimmed from the episode. PEOPLE attended the July 11 taping to bring you the best of the rest and catch up with the season’s favorite suitors. — Carrie Bell

Jake took an even lengthier beating from the other guys than what was aired. “I got my butt handed to me out there but I still don’t regret anything I did on the show,” he told PEOPLE after the show. Sasha accused the pilot of coming off as “canned” and like an “actor.” The comment wasn’t entirely out of left field. “I was the young Walker Texas Ranger in a flashback, the 20-year-old Chuck Norris,” Jake said. “That was a special time in my life but my acting days are behind me. I was only playing me in the house despite what the others may think.”

• The most extensive editing revolved around Brian. He constantly interrupted others to make nonsensical and rambling statements and he even made a comment about host Chris Harrison‘s wife. “I came very close to saying something but I thought, ‘It’s not worth it. He’s drunk and stupid.’ I let it go,” Harrison said. “In the end, they cut him out almost entirely so he got what he deserved.”

• Also cut: Brian’s excruciatingly awkward striptease. Tanner P. recounted the horror: “His manties didn’t fit and it took him like 10 minutes to get his clothes off. Jillian wouldn’t even watch.”

• The guys elaborated on bunkhouse life. Tanner F. pleaded with producers to lose the outdoor shower. He said the guys constructed a shower curtain out of towels every day and the crew would take it down. Robby, who weathered several disses about his excessive drinking, teased break-dancer Michael about wearing his skivvies in the shower while he and Tanner P. preferred to go commando.

• Several guys expressed their disapproval of David’s inappropriate comments to Jillian, but Jesse‘s defense of the trucking contractor was left on the editing room floor. “The good in David Good far outweighs what you saw on the show,” he said. “That clip was by far the worst of him. I’m sorry he got such a bad rap because he is a good guy.” While his apology to Jillian seemed sincere, David probably won’t be changing his ways. “I hate living in a place where you can’t compliment your girl’s ass,” he said after the show. “To me it is no different than Tanner talking about and rubbing her feet.”

• Speaking of feet, Jillian said she wore Tanner P.’s favorite shade of polish (L’Oreal’s Mango-Get-Em) just for him. While viewers got to see a close-up of her feet (clad in adorable Badgley Mischka peeptoes), the foot fetishist didn’t get to enjoy his treat. “What a bummer!” he said after the show. “She took off before the end and two weeks from now, she’ll have a boyfriend and I will have to stop checking out her toes because I’m afraid to break man code.” Kevin Foley/ABC

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