By People Staff
Updated June 11, 2010 01:00 AM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Poor Hunter Wagner! The 28-year-old Internet account executive from San Antonio, Texas, was unnerved by cameras, had his one-on-one time usurped by Justin the wrestler and was the first man sent home mid-date on The Bachelorette this season. But he assured reporters on a conference call that there was no need for pity because there wasn’t “a romantic spark” with Ali Fedotowsky and now he can enjoy “watching the rest of the season relieved that next Monday I will not be shown.” He also dished on frontrunner Roberto, how Justin made himself a villain in the house and why Ali may walk away a single lady. –Carrie Bell

You seemed shy and uncomfortable on the date.
I didn’t think I’d be that person. I’m usually a heck of a lot more comfortable on dates. People say the cameras disappear after awhile, but the more time that went by, the more I realized they were around. I was shutting down and unable to be myself. I was disappointed I couldn’t open up.

Would a more exciting date have helped your cause?
The more adventurous the date is, the easier it is to find the connection and the farther you are going to go. You’re doing something out of your element together and the only person you have to lean on is her. Definitely the biggest difference between my date and the others was there wasn’t this exciting adventure to share. Ours was more like a real date. But relationships are more than walking a tight rope. You have to have a deeper connection. I just don’t think at the end of the day either of us thought there was much chemistry.

Are you mad at Justin for encroaching on your time?
I was pretty shocked. I had no idea that he did that. He was gone for a couple of hours and I asked him where he was. He said he was sleeping in another room. I tried to get to know him and was one of the few that didn’t give him a hard time about being a wrestler. So for him to do that, I felt upset and betrayed.

Do you think his impromptu hike to her house impacted your chances?Yes. She said it took the fire away from our date. She wasn’t fully into it because Justin spent time with her. Do I blame her? No. Justin was the one who decided to trek on over.

Why is Justin so disliked in the house?
When the cameras were around, his entire personality changed. He got more cheesy … We were laying in our room one day and the cameras came in and he started talking about how he was looking at the same mountains as Ali was. That rubbed the wrong way.

This group of guys seem very loyal to each other. How is that possible when you’re competing for the same girl?We had an agreement at first that we wouldn’t step on each other’s toes or talk bad about each other to Ali because we wanted her to see the person through her eyes. That has started breaking apart and it has become more of a cutthroat game. I didn’t know the weatherman went to Ali and ratted on Craig M. Did I think it was right? Not really.

Frank and Roberto seem to be frontrunners. Thoughts on them?
I love Roberto. He was one of the top three guys I got close with. During the first days we started getting to know each other, Frank wasn’t there or I was on the group date so I never really got to know Frank. But when I was around him, he was a great guy. There’s a handful of guys that would be perfect for Ali like Kirk, Roberto, Chris L., Jesse.

Some claim she doesn’t choose anyone. Think this is a possible outcome?
If she didn’t find the person she saw herself with for the rest of her life, I see her not picking anyone. I don’t think she’d pick someone just to pick someone. She let me go because there wasn’t anything there. I think she would do the same thing with the final two.