Things are more tense than ever in the mansion

June 06, 2016 05:50 PM

The Bachelorette‘s Chad Johnson has had major beef with JoJo Fletcher‘s other suitors this season – and tensions will hit an all-time high this week.

In an exclusive clip from Monday’s episode, the men explain that they’ve hired a security guard for their own safety. Chad’s roommate Derek is among the most worried, as he’s scared the 28-year-old could do something rash.

“Last night I felt like Chad could potentially snap, which is a little bit scary, because he sleeps right next to me,” says Derek. “I could just feel the tension anytime I step into that room and he’s in there.”

The men discuss Chad punching a door after JoJo gave another man a rose, leading Luke to call this season’s villain “demented” and a “ticking time bomb.”

“Chad’s aggressive behavior has been elevated to a level that’s not safe, for anybody really at this point,” Luke tells the camera. “We had to do something about this guy before it got out of hand.”

The camera shows an image of Chad asleep in his bed, and zooms out to reveal a security guard watching him.

“The fact that we need a security guard to watch over Chad speaks volumes to the fact that he doesn’t deserve to be here,” says Alex.

In a clip released earlier, Daniel and Chad have a strange heart-to-heart that hints at the tensions in the episode. The Canadian contestant says hanging out with Chad is hurting his status with the other men.

“It gets difficult. If I talk to you, I get dragged down with your negativity,” says Daniel. “Let’s just pretend your Hitler ”

To which Chad responds, “Let’s not pretend I’m Hitler.”

The conversation only gets stranger from there, with references to another World War II-era dictator.

The Bachelorette is airing Monday and Tuesday this week, both at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC.