By Michelle Ward
August 04, 2010 12:00 AM

The Bachelorette winner Roberto Martinez is going the distance for new fiancée Ali Fedotowsky – literally.

The Florida native moved to San Diego three weeks ago where he will soon be joined by California-loving Fedotowsky. “I wanted to be closer to her,” Martinez told PEOPLE at Power Balance’s All For A Cure Charity Poker Tournament, which benefits Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, at Drai’s at the W Hollywood. “We figured the West Coast and maybe L.A. would be a little bit much and San Diego is a bit removed but still close. It’s a good place.”

While picking a new home, Fedotowsky and Martinez practiced an essential part of being a couple: compromise. She had a say in the apartment complex but let him pick the place. “The condo that I’m staying in in San Jose is owed by the same company so I knew what kind of apartments they had would be nice,” she explains, “and I trusted him to pick out something.”

There is one thing that may become an issue for the new nesters, who decided on a one-bedroom apartment, and that’s closet space. “I realize how much clothes I have now,” Fedotowsky says. Normally, I seriously could fit all my clothes in one suitcase but now, after the show and going to so many events, I have so much clothes.”

Despite having their courtship play out on The Bachelorette, the couple are keeping their official move-in date a secret. “I don t want to give away exactly when,” she says. “We’ve been followed by paparazzi quite a bit. It will be sometime very soon.”