By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 04:07 PM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Ty Brown, a 31-year-old divorcee from Nashville, charmed The Bachelorette‘s Ali Fedotowsky with his Southern drawl, gentlemanly ways and massage techniques in a Turkish bath. But he ultimately found himself without a rose in Portugal. On a call with reporters, he blamed miscommunication about ideological differences and an awkward two-on-one date with Frank. But he also opened up about his dream of a career in music and possibly becoming the Bachelor. –Carrie Bell

Your elimination wasn t all that emotional despite your claim that you d fallen for Ali. Were you more shocked than sad?
I was shocked and disappointed. No one wants to get let go especially at that stage in the show. But if I was not going to go be the last person there, it was relieving not to get my family involved.

You admitted your traditional upbringing influenced your ideas about marriage and that contributed to your divorce. Do you think that raised a red flag?
I think it raised a lot of questions for her. She was hung up on the fact that she thought I wanted a traditional family and that s not all true, which is why I wanted to address that. I did grow up in a very traditional setting. My mom waited til the kids were in school to go back to work. My dad always worked and my mom cooked dinner every night. Am I looking for that necessarily? No. It thrills me to see someone who knows what she wants, is ambitious and is not scared to speak up. That s very attractive to me. I tried to get that across. Maybe I didn t do such a great job. That was a step back, maybe the nail in the coffin.

Just how awkward was that two-on-one date this late in the game?
It was very uncomfortable although not as awkward at the time as it looked on TV. We tried to make the best of it and make her comfortable. That s hard to do. We knew there wasn t going to be a rose. It was more about who was going to get more alone time with Ali. Frank and I were the worst two to go together. We get along, but I knew she had a strong connection with first-date Frank. And he made a comment that Ty s my biggest competition.

Seeing upcoming clips where Frank speaks to Ali and leaves her in tears must really chap your hide.
Seeing clips of what may happen makes me wonder what s going through her head. She sent me home and now this guy may be taking himself out … Is she thinking, I should have kept Ty? Or was it my time to go?

What did you learn from the show about dating?
The show taught me more about myself than anything. I learned some things from her, like it s important that a woman has goals. I also learned you can t put a price tag on happiness. It was comforting to know that a relationship can be easy. Not that you won t have problems, but it doesn t always have to be a struggle.

Is that also why you ve decided to quit your job and pursue music full-time?
This gave me the opportunity to do something that I m passionate about – to give music 150 percent instead of just dabbling. I ve been playing for 10 years and I want to know Ty Brown, not Ty Brown from The Bachelorette. But the show has given me a platform and opened a lot of doors for me. When I finished the song I wrote on the show, it was amazing to see jump on board saying, This is a great song. You ve got a great story with this.

Who should she pick?
There are things I like about all the guys left, but Chris L. is the better fit for Ali. It took them awhile to hit it off, but they had good chemistry and she seems to enjoy being around him.

Would you be the next Bachelor if asked?
It d be very exciting and I m ready to move on with my life. Watching what Ali struggled with, I know it would be tough but I d consider it.