In the exclusive clip, Shawn won't even refer to Nick by his name – only as "the other guy"


The Bachelorette is about to get more uncomfortable than ever – and no, we haven’t forgotten that time JJ Lane slapped himself in the face, Mark Wahlberg-in-Fear-style.

While none of Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s suitors on The Bachelorette were particularly impressed by her decision to add Andi Dorfman reject Nick Viall to the roster, Shawn Booth seems to take the news more poorly than the rest.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, Shawn won’t even refer to Nick by his name, but only as “the other guy. To me, he’s just ‘the other guy.’ ” He then predicts (threatens?) that his upcoming conversation with Kaitlyn will be a “turning point” in their relationship.

Their chat gets awkward, with Shawn dropping everyone’s favorite Bachelorette buzzwords – that is, any talk of “guards” and “walls.” (Not to mention “feelings” and “emotions.”)

Now that Nick has joined the competition for Kaitlyn’s affection, Shawn’s walls are going back up, but Kaitlyn doesn’t want them to: “I’ve told you from day one how strongly I feel about our connection. Like, this is not taking away from that.” (Indeed, Shawn won the coveted first impression rose.)

However, Shawn doesn’t think that Kaitlyn’s actions are representative of what she’s saying, which nearly sends her into tears.

This should end well.

(We’re just hoping that Shawn sticks around so that he can elaborate on the fact that he’s a fan of One Direction, as noted in his cast bio.)

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