Rick Rowell/ABC
May 20, 2015 08:10 AM

Bachelorette contestant Ryan McDill has explained his drunken antics on the show Monday.

The hopeful quickly earned himself the distinction of being the worst Bachelorette contestant ever after he slapped Kaitlyn Bristowe on the behind, tried to kiss Britt Nilsson and threatened to “rape” one of his fellow contestants.

“I wanted to go on [the show] for the experience and everything,” McDill told Entertainment Tonight.

“I wasn’t interested in Kaitlyn, but was interested in Britt,” he added. “I felt it was obvious Britt wasn’t going to be the one, so I just started being entertaining and got way too drunk, started acting crazy and it turned into gold.”

Host Chris Harrison ultimately tossed McDill out of the house. But even he was a little scared of the out-of-control contestant.

“I was like, ‘Who knows what’s going to happen, this guy might punch me!’ ” he told ET. “But when he came out and saw me on the front porch and he realized what was going to happen he just kind of sunk.”

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