Bachelorette Jillian toured Spain trying to figure out which of the final four were in for the long haul. In most cases, she liked what she saw although her eyes were finally opened to the ugly truth about the remaining Romeo.

Madrid Montage: She wandered the streets contemplating the pros and cons of her remaining few suitors. Is Kiptyn too perfect and out of her league? Is Reid ready to start life with her? Will she ever be more important than Ed’s career? Is Wes single? Will he ever wear anything other than cowboy shirts?

It Takes Two to Flamenco: Kiptyn and Jillian strolled in a Madrid park while she tried to get to the bottom of his emotions. Her face fell when Kip revealed that “a proposal seems far off,” but he didn’t notice. He was just as dense during the flamenco dance lesson in an unflattering bolero and skintight pants, but Jill found hope in his ungraceful moves. After crashing a moped into a curb, they sat down to dinner and deep discussions about children, how he reminds her of her spineless dad and the Canadian snail/slug population. When the fantasy suite invite came, she explained that she wasn’t “ready to spend an entire night with somebody yet.” It was his turn for his face to fall as he tried to make her believe that he respected her wishes. He obviously had more in mind than her idea to come up and “cuddle a little.” Lost in Translation: The next stop was Sevilla for a date with Reid. She looked adorable in her jumpsuit while he looked ready to paint a house. They shopped for supplies and suffered through their extremely limited Spanish before hitting a beautiful courtyard for a picnic. He was the only guy to fish for details about her other hometown dates, but Jill kept the heat on him, desperate to figure out what he’s feeling. The most he could muster was some stuff about being physically attracted to her and that she smells good. He didn’t score any overnight time with Jill either at the end of their dinner.

The Comeback Kid: She stayed in Sevilla for a day with Ed. During the world’s longest carriage ride, he detailed his decision — no, his need — to come back. She was eating up his passionate words and also his face every chance she got. She made sure he knew she was bummed she didn’t meet his family. He talked about how he would have taken her to karaoke and a Cubs game and assured her she’d fit in. He scored even more points by mentioning he’s ready for kids in two to three years, but she still shot him down when Chris’s card arrived. He sweet-talked her into letting him sleep in their clothes because he’d “missed so much.”

Lying with Dogs: Everything is bigger in Texas, including the liars. Time for a bike ride through Barcelona with Wes, who felt comfortable around Spanish because he had a No. 1 hit in Mexico. (FYI, Weshole: Spain and Mexico are not the same.) When she posed a hypothetical about how they could make it work should he be The One, he changed the subject then “accidentally” spilled his beer. She hoped things would be better during their fancy dinner, but they only deteriorated further when he admitted he came on the show to help his career. Jillian beat the dead horse more until he made the Freudian slip (seemed intentional) and called Laurel his girlfriend. In tears, she put him in a cab and fessed up to being embarrassed. But she felt sorrier that he felt he needed to fake it to make it in music.

Getting the (Cowboy) Boot: As the men waited at the rose ceremony, Wes let his crass flag fly. “If it’s me, know that I’ll be back home having lots of sex.” Reid and Kip looked disgusted. Considering the dude had a secret lover, she still walked him to the limo hand-in-hand! Once in the car, he downed drinks, gloated (“I’m the first guy ever to make the top 4 with a girlfriend.”) and degraded the others (“Them boys couldn’t so much as get a nibble in Texas.”) To complete the country clich , he said his girl and dog were waiting and some nonsense about “a pot of neckbones.” – Carrie Bell

Tell us: Which date went the best? What do you think of Wes after what he did to Jillian?