The Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams Meets Her Suitors, Says She 'Could Marry' 1 After First Date

After Clare Crawley ended the process early and accepted Dale Moss's proposal, Tayshia Adams officially took over as the Bachelorette on Tuesday night's episode

This post contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette.

With Clare Crawley happily engaged to Dale Moss, Tayshia Adams started her own journey to find love on Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelorette.

After walking into the room filled with the 16 men who decided to stick around after Clare left, Tayshia began by introducing herself and then announced how excited she felt about the process.

"I'm here for all of you," she said. "So I'm excited, you guys. I have to say, if you could've told me a week ago that I was going to be right here standing in front of all of this, I would've been like, 'No way!' But I cannot share my gratitude enough and thank you guys for staying here."

"I know you guys have been through a lot. I know exactly what it feels like to be in your position," she continued. "As well as, I'm really nervous, too. Because I haven't been in this position, you know? I know you guys have put a lot of yourself out there already but I really, really hope you guys don't close off. I want to lean into this and I want you guys to also lean into it. First of all, we've got to have a bomb summer, so cheers to that, but also, I want to find love — do you? If this is what's coming, I can't wait, so if you're ready to start the journey, cheers!"

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After they all toasted, Ivan pulled Tayshia aside. "I like her way more than Clare already. I can say that honestly," he told the other men. "I'm way more attracted to her. This gave me new life."

Blake also felt an instant connection with the new Bachelorette. "This feels so much more real in just one interaction with Tayshia than it was in four interactions with Clare," he told the cameras.

Tayshia Adams, Bennett The Bachelorette
Tayshia Adams meets Bennett. Craig Sjodin/ABC

As the men started to breathe easy knowing that Tayshia wanted to get to know all of them and give them a fair shot, host Chris Harrison interrupted to tell Tayshia that more potential husbands would be arriving shortly.

"Did you really think that that was the only group of guys you were going to meet tonight?" Chris asked Tayshia. "There's another limo full of men pulling up right now."

First out of the limo: Spencer, a 30-year-old water treatment engineer. "He is hot," Tayshia said after they met. "Like hot, hot, hot."

Spencer didn't have such a warm introduction to the other guys, though, who already felt frustrated knowing they'd have to fight more men for time with Tayshia. "So which one of you guys scared away Clare?" Spencer asked to break the ice with the less-than-impressed group.

Tayshia then met gym owner Montel, 30, real estate agent Peter, 32, and Noah, a 25-year-old travel nurse who pulled a Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born when he told her, "I just wanted one more look before I go in" before walking inside.

"There was a stanky-ass energy in the room because there's a sense of pride among these 16 guys," Zac C. told the cameras.

Spencer was the first to grab Tayshia after she came inside, but Ivan still thought he had a shot at the first impression rose. But to the 16 original men's dismay, that honor went to Spencer.

Tayshia Adams, Bennett The Bachelorette
Tayshia Adams and Spencer. ABC

"The second you got out of the limo, my heart did kind of skip a beat," Tayshia told him. "You're a person I want to keep around and I'm really interested to get to know.”

Everyone perked up, though, when Tayshia announced they wouldn't hold a rose ceremony that night and all the guys would be sticking around to continue getting to know her.


Before that could happen, though, Chris cut in to declare, "We need to talk about what was one of the most dramatic turn of events in Bachelorette history."

He then brought Clare on to ask her about how her relationship with Dale has been progressing. "It's just been a dream come true," Clare said.

She admitted that from the moment they met, "It was just him and I."

Dale joined Clare on the couch, and Chris asked once more if the two had any contact prior to filming. "One hundred percent no," Clare insisted. "And I could wholeheartedly attest to this on my dad's grave. There was never ever a single ounce of contact."

Clare Crawley, Dale The Bachelorette
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss. Craig Sjodin/ABC

"Clare and I never once spoke," Dale reiterated. "Never communicated. Never talked. Never texted." (In fact, it wasn't until after they got engaged that Dale asked for her number, they said.)

"I'm so happy," Clare continued. "How he makes me feel is literally like sunbeams out of my heart into the world. I know that sounds so stupid. but I just feel lit to my core. Whether it took one day or 10 days, two weeks or two years, this man makes me happy."

"The feeling is mutual," Dale said.

When Chris asked what was next for the newly-engaged couple, Clare enthusiastically replied, "Babies!"

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Tayshia might not be quite there yet in her journey, but she looked forward to her first group date with Blake, Riley, Zac, Jordan C., Noah, Peter, Kenny, Jay, Eazy and Spencer. They all headed to the pool where Tayshia did her best Baywatch impression, hopping out of the water in a red bikini and coyly flipping back her wet hair. Tayshia splashed around with all the men before the guys learned that they'd be split into two teams for a game of pool basketball. The winners received additional time with Tayshia at night.

The men slipped into green or blue Speedos and took their spots in the pool. It didn't take long for one of them to get too caught up in the game, though, with Riley hitting Spencer in the mouth when they both went for the ball. Spencer started bleeding and took a break from the game to see a medic.

Tayshia Adams, Bennett The Bachelorette
Spencer cleans up. ABC

"Spencer might've needed a little shot in the mouth," Kenny quipped to the cameras. "He's had a little attitude since he got in the house. It was fitting.”

But Spencer jumped right back in and scored the winning basket for the blue team.

Once they changed back out of their swimsuits, the men confronted Spencer about what they perceived as cocky behavior. "We call you 'Lunch Meat' because you like to talk a lot of s—," Riley told Spencer.

That didn't stop Spencer from declaring in an on-camera interview, "I've got this in the bag."

The glow around Spencer dimmed, though, when Tayshia gave the group date rose to Eazy, who had told her, "I feel like I just met my wife."

Tayshia Adams, Eazy The Bachelorette
Eazy and Tayshia Adams. ABC

Back at the villas, Jason felt otherwise and approached Tayshia to discuss how he didn't think he could continue. "I let my walls down and I think I fell in love with Clare," he said. "Unfortunately, she chose somebody else and my feelings for her were real. You deserve someone amazing and you deserve someone who's all in and unfortunately, I can't do this anymore."

Tayshia urged Jason not to cut off other opportunities just because "it didn't work out" with Clare, but ultimately respected his decision. Still, Jason leaving confirmed her biggest concern about the process. "Knowing that Clare was previously with all of you and I didn't know if you guys were going to all be invested in a relationship with her when I came," Tayshia said. "This makes me sad that it is exactly what I was fearing."

Jason assured, "They're here for you — they're not here for Clare."


With that, Tayshia embarked on her first one-on-one date with Brendan. They rode horses and kissed in the pool, causing Tayshia to declare, "I am ready to go home with this man. I am telling you right now Brendan is everything.”

At dinner together, Tayshia told Brendan how much she appreciated his chill vibes. "There's certainly better-looking guys, smarter guys in the house," he said. "And I know being well rounded isn't necessarily sexy, but I think I really am, really, true husband material."

Turns out, Brendan had been a husband once before. He opened up to Tayshia, who has also been married, about tying the knot with his high school sweetheart and how the relationship fell apart when he discovered she didn't want kids.

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"There was no cheating, there was no abuse or addiction or any of those crazy things," he explained. "We really fell out of love. I didn't really know who I was without her and she didn't really know who she was without me. We did counseling. It was definitely hard for me knowing I failed to a certain extent."

He continued, "I would've stuck it out initially in my mind, but then she came to the realization that maybe children weren't in her future. Being a father is really all I've ever wanted in life, so we went our separate ways."

Tayshia Adams, Brendan The Bachelorette
Brendan Morais and Tayshia Adams. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Tayshia took that as an opportunity to share her own story of divorce with Brendan. "I also had lost myself in the marriage. Like, my identity was him," she said. "Unfortunately, there was infidelity and other issues, not on my part, and then we got divorced and I, too, felt like I failed. And I too felt embarrassed and ashamed."

The two bonded over their similar experiences and Brendan felt relieved to learn that Tayshia wanted to have kids — five, ideally. She gave Brendan the one-on-one date rose and they ended the night by kissing under fireworks.

"I didn't even understand that I could feel this way," Brendan told the cameras. "But after this one-on-one date, I really can start to see that this could be the first day of the rest of my life."

Tayshia agreed. "Kissing Brendan feels like I'm kissing my person," she said in an on-camera interview. "Like, I feel really connected to him. I don't know — I think I could marry him, which is so bizarre. I don't even think I've felt this way, ever. Today was just really magical."

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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