On Tuesday night's episode, Ed told Chasen he didn't think the IT account executive came on the ABC reality show with "the right intentions"

This post contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette.

Coming off of her successful first group date and one-on-one, Tayshia Adams felt a sense of excitement heading into her second group date on Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette.

Montel, Ivan, Demar, Ben, Chasen, Ed, Joe and Bennett joined her this time, and when they arrived for the date, Bachelor in Paradise alums and married couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon informed the men they'd be going up against one another in a Grown Ass Man competition.

First up, the guys attempted to prove to Tayshia how smart they are by taking a spelling and math test. Although Bennett thought he had that one in the bag thanks to his Harvard education, he managed the most wrong answers, including failing to correctly spell "limousine."

Next, the men faced off in pairs in a tug of war-style physical competition to retrieve a bouquet while tied together. Bennett couldn't participate in that one because of an "old football knee injury that's still kind of with me," he claimed.

Bennett's time to shine came in the final leg of the competition, which consisted of making breakfast for Tayshia. The wealth management consultant pulled out all the stops, whipping up beignets, putting on a bathrobe and jumping in bed with her to serve the meal. That was enough for Ashley I. to declare Bennett the official Grown Ass Man winner. And Jared named Ed the day's Manchild, meaning he had to carry around a baby doll the rest of the day as a punishment for losing.

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Bennett in bed with Tayshia
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Later on, at the cocktail party, Bennett — still in his robe — told Tayshia he wanted to be the first to speak with her. But then Chasen swooped in, causing Ed to air his grievances about the IT account executive to the rest of the group. Ed called Chasen an "actor" who "spins a web of deceit."

Meanwhile, Tayshia enjoyed her night, sharing a kiss with Ben and being fed berries by Ivan, who she called a "dark horse" in the running for her heart. When Chasen rejoined the group, Bennett brought up how he felt some of the other guys weren't as excited about Tayshia as he was.

"I think there might be some questions," Bennett said to Chasen. "I think Ed brought that up, if you're as genuinely fired up about Tayshia as I am."

Chasen replied: "I definitely did share moments with Clare. I was able to have a little bit more one-on-one time. It is definitely tough to pivot."

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Still, Ed asserted to Chasen, "You're not here for the right intentions. You're a bad actor." And Ed used his time with Tayshia to tell her as much.

"I'm here for the right reasons," he began. "I think there are some people that might not be as genuine. I don't want to name drop. Yeah, I had a little conversation tonight with Chasen and I think one of the things I've discussed man-to-man with Chasen is that I've heard him say identical things to Clare that he's been saying about you, just kind of using the same exact adjectives, the same verbiage, the same words."

Ed also shared that he thought Chasen only came on the show to amass an Instagram following. "That rubs me so wrong," Tayshia said in an on-camera interview. "I said it since night one, I want you to be your true authentic self. Because I don't want to have one version of you here and go home and have a completely different version of you."

Ed informed Chasen of his conversation with Tayshia and she proceeded to pull Chasen aside to immediately address this situation. "He said you could essentially be using this for career leverage," Tayhsia told Chasen."I don't know, I'm not the girl to waste that on."

Chasen deemed Ed's claims "absolutely ridiculous" and told Tayshia he felt "insulted." "I definitely want to find someone and get to know them," he said. "And right when you came out obviously it was a pivot, but I'm getting to know you more and more and I'm really vibing with you, and I hope that you feel the same way."

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Chasen confronts Ed
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Then Chasen went back to Ed and asked him to stop interfering in his budding relationship with Tayshia. "I am starting to grow feelings for this girl and you are getting in the way of that and I do not appreciate that," Chasen told Ed while standing over him.

The antics between Chasen and Ed didn't earn either of them the group date rose; that honor went to Ivan.

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Tayshia and Ivan
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Ahead of Tayshia's first rose ceremony, Chasen wanted to address the situation with all 19 remaining men. "My character has been portrayed in a false light," he said. "I felt pretty insulted. And I don't want any drama tonight from anyone. And Ed, as a gentleman, I just want to ask if you've got anything else to say off your chest."

Ed declared he stood by what he said and refused to "back down." In an effort to provide some variation in the language he used to describe the Bachelorettes, Chasen shared that he would henceforth refer to Tayshia as a "smokeshow."

With that, Ed doubled down on his efforts to trash Chasen to Tayshia by informing her that Chasen had "towered" above him and "screamed" at him after their first faceoff. Tayshia spoke with Chasen again, telling him, "This stuff is so petty to me."

Chasen tried to clear the air with Ed once more, owning up to acting "overly aggressive" with him the previous night. Ed wouldn't drop the subject, so Bennett and Zac C. came over to break up the verbal sparring.

At the rose ceremony, everyone wondered if Tayshia would send home Chasen and/or Ed. But she kept them both, bringing an end to Peter, Jay and Montel's journeys to find love.


The drama continued on the group date, which consisted of Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed and Chasen. As the men suspected from the date card, they would be competing in wrestling matches against one another. "What better way than to cut through the tension than to work it out on the mat?" Tayshia asked her potential suitors.

WWE Hall of Famer Amy Dumas and undefeated UFC fighter Tatiana Suarez helped prep the guys and Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams joined Chris Harrison in hosting Bachelorette Wrestlemania.

The title fight, of course, was between Ed and Chasen. But just as it was time for them both to head into the ring, Ed pulled Chris aside and told him he couldn't compete because he has "some really bad shoulders."

Without anyone to fight Chasen, Chris asked if anyone else wanted to jump in the ring and fight for Tayshia's heart. New guy Noah, who'd been watching in the audience with the rest of the house, literally leaped at the opportunity, throwing himself over the fence and into the ring.

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Chasen in the ring with Noah
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While Chasen earned the belt, Noah received an invite to the afterparty despite not being included in the group date originally. That, of course, rubbed the other guys the wrong way. And it didn't help that the newcomer dominated Tayshia's time at the afterparty.

During their first block of time together, Tayshia suggested Noah shave off his mustache. "It's not that I don't like it, but I wonder what you look like without that thing," she said.

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Noah without his mustache
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So Noah agreed to shave off the 'stache and came back later when Tayshia and Jordan were chatting to ask the Bachelorette to do the honors. After taking a razor to Noah's face, Tayshia declared, "You look really good. You're kinda hot!" And she deemed kissing a clean-shaven Noah "much better" than the previous experience.

To the other men's dismay, Noah walked away with the group date rose — and a Tayshia-approved look.

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