'The Bachelorette' Recap: Kupah Doesn't Understand Boundaries and Ben Z. Sends Jared to the Hospital

When Kaitlyn tries to send one of her suitors home in advance of the rose ceremony, he doesn't take it well

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And you thought that having 25 men vote for either Britt Nilsson or Kaitlyn Bristowe as their next Bachelorette would be the most uncomfortable thing to watch, as a woman, on this season of The Bachelorette. Naïve.

This week, eight of Kaitlyn’s suitors took to a boxing ring to fight one another and posture manfully, and Ben Z. ended up sending Jared to the hospital while Kupah appeared more enamored of meeting Laila Ali than interacting with Kaitlyn.

Later, Kupah accused Kaitlyn of only keeping him around as part of a “quota,” and then he completely ignored her boundaries when she asked him to leave. It was bad, but more on that below.

Manly Posturing, Laila Ali and Why a Boy-Bander Is Stronger Than Ben Z.

On an eight-person group date consisting of Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah and the Bens H. and Z., it was decided that they would learn how to box and, later, box one another. As special guest Laila Ali explained to the suitors, they had to learn how to fight for Kaitlyn’s heart, blah blah weak metaphor.

Built like a brick sh**house, Ben Z. was clearly the one to beat. I don’t know anything about boxing, but I do have a frame of reference for Ben Z.’s score on the punching machine, which was 706.

Liam Payne of One Direction can hit an 826, and that was on my mind throughout this whole segment.

So, when each of Ben Z.’s competitors expressed a healthy amount of fear of their opponent in the ring, all I could think was that they had more reason to be scared of a 5-foot-10 boy-bander.

When Ben Z. knocked Jared on his ass? Liam could’ve done it quicker. When Jared had to go to the hospital for observation? Liam could’ve done more damage. When host Chris Harrison called Ben Z. a “juggernaut”? Well, you get it. Don’t believe Ben Z.’s hype! Stay woke!

Also, Kupah was so distracted by showing off his skills and taking advantage of the free boxing lessons that he ignored Kaitlyn entirely – to the point that she and Laila even gossiped about it.

During the drinks part of the group date, Jared snuck away from his doctor-mandated rest to stop by the restaurant, tell Kaitlyn how much he likes her and make out with her a bit. (Kaitlyn said the kiss was like “fireworks.”)

Ben Z. ended up getting the group-date rose after sharing the story of how his mother died of cancer when he was 14. (“I really respect you and I respected our conversation,” said Kaitlyn, “and I’m excited about what’s gonna happen.”)

The Suitors Try Stand-up Comedy, JJ Calls Tony the Healer “Nightmare Fuel”

On the second group date, Joshua, Chris, Jonathan, Ian, Joe, JJ and Tony met up with Kaitlyn and Amy Schumer at the Improv Comedy Club, where they had to perform stand-up. It was actually far less embarrassing to watch than I thought it would be, and only Tony the Healer completely bombed – and only because his set was approximately four hours long and had no jokes but was, instead, just him thanking everybody for the opportunity to go up there and perform stand-up.

Speaking of Tony the Healer, JJ was laser-focused on getting him out of the competition. Normally I would tell JJ to worry about himself, but he was not wrong when he said that “watching Tony go through an entire day is nightmare fuel.”

Added JJ, “I root for most of the guys to do something stupid. I want them to go home, and Tony is bringing his own demise. I’m just trying to help push that out the door. Plus, I need extra room up there in the closet.”

You can’t fault him for that particular attitude, really, but his overconfidence was beginning to rankle. He told Amy that he believed he was smarter than 90 percent of the guys there, but she had no problem knocking him down a peg or two – or putting in a solid effort, anyway.

“JJ is a sweetheart,” Amy said. “He’s just missing, like, charisma, humility and a sense of humor. … Maybe when he sees the show he’ll reflect on himself a little and not be such a turd.” Well, JJ? Any regrets?

Chris’ set was adorable – though the physical aspect of it was Dane Cook-esque – but it was the overconfident JJ who ended up getting the group-date rose. (I feel like now is a good time to remind people that, in his cast bio, JJ says that his worst date fear is “wasting my time and money on someone who was just using me for dinner” and that, hello, he lists his occupation as former investment banker.)

Kupah Makes It Weird

At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail, Kupah decided to make it weird.

He told cameras that he didn’t want to be there if he was going to be “the minority guy that fills a quota,” which is not an invalid attitude for him to have, but it was based on his feeling that Kaitlyn wasn’t paying enough attention to him on the boxing date – during which he totally ignored that she was even there.

When Kupah confronted Kaitlyn, she told him she was let down by his behavior on the group date. He countered that the boxing date made him uncomfortable, which is not something we saw on the screen at all.

Anyway, the back and forth was torturous, and it ended in Kaitlyn telling Kupah that she felt they had a connection until right then, and that she needed time to think.

Kupah immediately went to relay their conversation to the rest of the men, complaining – loudly – about how it went down. That’s when Kaitlyn stepped in and told Kupah that his voice carries. Then, she led him from the backyard, through the house and to the front door, asking him to leave in advance of the rose ceremony. “I’ve just completely lost my connection with you,” she said, apologetic.

“I don’t want to go home. I think you’re hot, I think you’re sexy, I think you’re pretty,” Kupah insisted, digging his grave ever deeper. Kaitlyn told him there’s more to her than that, and that what happened between them was “bad” – still, he disagreed and refused to leave.

She apologized again and hugged him goodbye, which was so utterly messed-up to watch. It’s awful that she felt she had to be so nice to a clearly aggressive person who was refusing to listen. Poor Kaitlyn. It was uncomfortable.

After Kupah finally walked out, Kaitlyn told cameras that “this is the first week, and it’s the time to be positive and get to know each other and see the good, and the fact that Kupah just kept questioning me and arguing with me … I had to send him home.”

Then, she became distracted by a commotion outside – it was Kupah, making a huge scene over being sent home. The episode ended with Kaitlyn, frustrated, storming out the door to go after him. To be continued!

Is every rose ceremony going to be like this? With one guy totally melting down, making everybody around him – the Bachelorette especially – feel unsafe?

Also Worth Noting …

• Chris the Dentist’s chyron now reads “Chris ‘Cupcake,’ ” and I think that’s just great. Later, one of the suitors referred to Chris just as “Cupcake.” I. Love. Chris.

• Jared has the straightest chest hair I’ve ever seen.

• Clint won the coveted one-on-one date, and he and Kaitlyn participated in an underwater photo shoot. It was meh.

• Whenever Tony the Healer says anything to the camera, the Bachelorette soundtrack kicks in with the plinky guitar of the mentally unsound – think the music that accompanied Ashley S. on Chris Soules‘ season of The Bachelor.

• Britt and Brady are still a thing – we saw him visit her in her hotel room, and it looks like romance is brewing. I want to be totally, 100 percent happy for them, but I tainted myself by comparing him to Ariana Grande due to his total lack of enunciation when he sings, so it’s going to take me a little while.

• Kiss Counter: 6 (JJ, Joe, Ian, Clint, Ben Z. and Jared). Girl, get it.

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