Bachelorette Jillian Harris whisked the remaining 13 to her Canadian hometown for sightseeing, sports and smooching. After she thought she’d survived the worst — sending someone home from a 2-on-1 date — her will was tested again when she heard that someone still had a girlfriend and had to try and root out the new villain in Vancouver.

The Race Is On: For the first solo date, Kiptyn kayaked to the Granville Island Public Market to shop for dinner ingredients, then went back to her place to cook. Jillian reiterated that she was looking for a partner to do everyday stuff with her and that this was a realistic date. She also wanted to see if Kip was the outdoorsy type and if he could keep up with her. Judging by their constant closeness and the number of kisses he scored, we’re guessing he passed all her tests despite admitting that he suffers from the “don’t pursue for love” flaw. Another check in the pro column, he helped cook and kept her company when she was top chef.

Swept Away: Jill took a group of 10 curling. All of the guys seemed to be suffering from a steep learning curve. They broke into two teams and whichever team won the curl-off got to extend the date into the night and go on a romantic cruise. Unfortunately for Juan, he not only got stuck on an outing with the Rage-aholic who hates him, but they were also on the same crew. The Break-dancer stole every moment possible to hug and compliment Jill, which was smart because Jesse won the evening for the red team. Ed and Reid, who looks more and more like Matthew Perry every episode, planned to soak their sorrows in shot glasses. The MVP/Justin Chambers lookalike Jesse left with the day’s rose and a makeout session.

Abandon Ship: Dave never fails to entertain and last night was no exception. Jill was concerned they were getting too buddy-buddy and she wanted to bring the gentleman out of him. He won the most inappropriate title of the evening when he started talking about her fantastic a–, cussing, calling her a liar, grabbing at her “tits” and insinuating that she kissed everyone but him. He was offended that she turned a cheek to his advancing lips and saw it as her “challenging and testing” him. Thank goodness Jill finally seemed to get that he wasn’t a good match for her.

One Stays, One Goes: It was Mark versus Mike on the dreaded 2-on-1 date where one guy leaves with immunity and one gets his walking papers. As Jill never misses a chance to ride in a chopper, she and the date duo flew to an isolated lodge atop a snowy peak for dinner and conversation. Mike laid it on thick before, during and after his cheesy toast. Mark didn’t talk at all, explaining that he was extremely guarded and his “own worst enemy” because he’d had bad relationships and been cheated on. Mike thought he had it in the bag and while she appreciated him putting “his heart on the line,” their interaction was all hugs and hand-holding. It was pretty obvious she was gonna send him off in the gondola, but it was still hard for her and the tears welled up.

Secret Lovers: At the cocktail party, many were not feeling the love for Wes and his “wrong reasons” but she’s still charmed by his accent and musical ability. Foot fetish manned up and told Jill that someone came to the show with a girlfriend, but he wouldn’t name names. He told the camera it was Wes, who also made a comment to the others about having been in love with three or four women simultaneously. With that news, Jill was understandably shaken and she ended the cocktail party prematurely and asked that anyone with a girlfriend leave. The men started snapping at one another and Robby felt cheated because he never got his one-on-one moment. Chris Harrison also begged the guy to come clean before she started handing out roses. Everyone still denied it even after the passionate pleas of Michael, Jesse, Robby and Jake. David seemed more pissed that there was a snitch. In the end, fittingly, she cut him (and judging by his aggressive reaction, not a minute too soon!) and Juan. – Carrie Bell

TELL US: Do you think Wes or anyone else has a girlfriend? Which date do you think went best in Vancouver? Are you glad both David and Juan are gone?