'The Bachelorette' Recap: A Contestant Chases After the Girl Who Was Sent Home – Was It Britt or Kaitlyn?

Find out whether Britt or Kaitlyn will be handing out the roses on this season of The Bachelorette

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Spoilers for The Bachelorette are below!

Bless Chris Harrison‘s heart – the Bachelorette host did not keep us waiting when it came time to reveal whether Britt Nilsson or Kaitlyn Bristowe would be moving on as the Bachelorette.

As many expected and as the majority of the 24 men hoped, Kaitlyn is officially the Bachelorette. I have to admit – I was kind of hoping that Ryan M. would be the swing vote and that that the drunken, misogynist escapades that got him kicked off meant the whole thing would end up in a tie, but alas.

Britt took the news as well as one could, thanking Harrison for letting her be a part of the process. “I want to be a wife and mom more than anything,” she said tearfully in the limo ride on the way back to the hotel. She added that while she was “grateful” for the experience, “I almost wish that I hadn’t met them because that makes it a lot harder to walk away from. I’m so confused and tired. How many times do you have to put your heart out there?”

There, there, Britt. You have to know this is the worst possible way to meet somebody.

When Harrison broke the news to Kaitlyn, he took a page out of Ryan Seacrest‘s Book of Reality-Show Hosting: “I counted the votes, and unfortunately, Kaitlyn,” he said, pausing long enough for civilizations to be built, destroyed and built again, “I had to send Britt home.”

Kaitlyn was thrilled, confident that her husband was in that room of 24 men. Hearing that sentiment, or any variation thereof, never gets less crazy.

The excitement wasn’t over, however – Kaitlyn still had to preside over her very first rose ceremony.

First Impression Rose

Surprising exactly no one (at least, certainly not me), Shawn B. was awarded the coveted first impression rose. He is so handsome.

JJ proved a worthy contender when he revealed to Kaitlyn that he has a 3-year-old daughter; Kaitlyn said that it made her take him more seriously than the others, but not more seriously than smokeshow Shawn B., apparently.

Rose Ceremony

The ceremony was fairly rote, save for Brady’s decision to leave the competition because he was only there for Britt.

He actually said the words “I’m going to see about a girl,” and the episode ended with him knocking on the door to her hotel room.

David, Bradley, Shawn E. the amateur sex coach and Josh the stripper were sent home. With Ryan M.’s ousting and Brady’s voluntary departure, that leaves 19 guys in the race.

This Season on The Bachelorette

The best part of this episode – other than Shawn B. – was inarguably the teaser for the rest of the season. It’s a bunch of crying and yelling obviously, but we also learn that Nick Viall, Andi Dorfman‘s castoff from her season of The Bachelorette, will be joining the ranks.

If you’ll recall, Nick was the one who “made love” with Andi and then told everybody about it on the After the Final Rose special. “The things I told you were real. The way I kissed you, those things were real,” he told Andi, adding that he was “completely blindsided” when she chose Josh Murray.

In the teaser, we also see that Kaitlyn sleeps with somebody should probably keep away from Nick, Kaitlyn!

Also Worth Noting

• Kaitlyn asked Chris, “Do you know how cute you are?” and he shook his head so cutely that I now love him, absurd cupcake car aside. They smooched.

• Jared confessed to voting for Britt, but Kaitlyn was appreciative of his honesty because she’d hate to find out weeks down the line.

How long do these tapings run? It was the dead of night when the festivities kicked off, and birds were chirping by the time the men were leaving. Doesn’t anybody nap? I would definitely nap.

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