July 13, 2017 10:29 AM

You thought running into your ex was awkward? Try being Rachel Lindsay.

The Bachelorette‘s leading lady spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday about seeing DeMario Jackson again on the upcoming Men Tell All special in the wake of the Bachelor in Paradise scandal where producers voiced their concerns about a sexual encounter he had with Bachelor alum Corinne Olympios.

“I think I pretty much laid it all out the last time I saw DeMario, so I have no questions, nothing to say, no emotions,” explained Lindsay, 31. “If he has something to say, I’ll listen. But I said my piece.”

Lindsay kicked Jackson off the show after a woman showed her text messages proving that she and the contestant had a relationship just before he left to film.

As for the Bachelor in Paradise allegations, the Dallas attorney opted to stay mum on the drama.

“I wasn’t there,” she said. “I learned a long time ago time ago [that] I don’t have an opinion on something I don’t hear or see myself.”

Lindsay also said that she considers Olympios a friend after they both appeared on Nick Viall‘s season of The Bachelor.

“You only get a snippet of a person,” she explained. “I got to know her in depth, and I really do like her.”

Jackson recently revealed he will be returning for the Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelorette reunions. Olympios also announced that she will be joining the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special that will be televised later this summer.

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Production on season 4 of the Bachelor Nation summer spin-off was halted last month after two producers voiced their concerns following a sexual encounter between the pair, which was caught on cameras.

Days after production was shut down by Warner Bros. to investigate the “misconduct” and all of the contestants were sent home, Olympios and Jackson both retained legal counsel and released statements.

But almost 10 days after announcing that production had been halted, Warner Bros. addressed the controversy, announcing that the investigation was complete and concluding that there was no evidence of misconduct.

In the wake of the scandal, Olympios’ legal team announced that they would be conducting their own investigation; two weeks after the controversy arose, her internal investigation concluded.

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