Rachel Lindsay Shuts Down DeMario Jackson for Claiming She Wasn't Going to Pick a Black Man on 'The Bachelorette'

"From the beginning, you knew that she was attracted to white men," Jackson claimed during an interview this week

There’s certainly no love lost between Rachel Lindsay and DeMario Jackson.

On Monday, Jackson, 30, took it upon himself to discuss the former Bachelorette’s preference in men at length during an appearance on The E&G Podcast, alleging that she only took interest in white men during her recent season of the ABC reality dating show.

While Jackson admitted he was only in the house for two weeks before he was sent home, he claimed that “from the beginning, you knew that she was attracted to white men.”

“You knew that. No disrespect, you just knew,” he said of Lindsay, 32. “She had that vibe. From night one, we all sat down, all the guys and I said, ‘They’re going to have a black representative, either myself or Eric [Bigger], and they’re going to have Dean [Unglert], Peter [Kraus], and Bryan [Abasolo] as the final four.’ We all caught that. I mean, it was obvious.”

Jackson claimed he knew from the start that either himself or Bigger (who did ultimately make it to the final three) would be amongst the finalists.

“I said, ‘It’s either going to be myself or Eric,’ just for the fact that I feel like Eric and I both have … I mean, we have different but similar personalities and we’re both … pretty good for TV,” he said. “It’s either me, the wild and crazy black guy, or it’s going to be the very spiritual, down-to-earth, positive motivating guy. Then you have Dean because he’s f—— drop dead gorgeous, Dean’s beautiful as f—. Then you have Peter and Bryan, who from night one you knew that they were into her.”

Jackson went on to criticize the way he perceived Lindsay’s interactions with some of the men.

“What is portrayed out here is this sweet, nice, caring, compassionate girl, but it was like, the total opposite. There were times in the episodes where you could just tell that she just wasn’t interested in any of the black guys,” he said. “I remember one specific episode where she had her one-on-one with Kenny [Layne], and Kenny was telling her about his daughter and she’s just sitting there with this unbothered look. And then you see her talk to Dean and she’s just like, head over heels. You can kind of tell.”

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In response to Jackson’s claims, Lindsay commented on a photo from the podcast’s official Instagram page that was promoting Jackson’s appearance.

“Says the guy that dated Lexi,” she wrote, referencing Jackson’s ex, Lexi Thexton, who appeared on an early episode of The Bachelorette and accused Jackson of having signed onto the show without ending their relationship.

“Demario never knew me and still doesn’t,” added Lindsay.

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But despite some of Jackson’s harsher comments — he also said he thinks Lindsay’s final pick and fiancé Bryan Abasolo was a “consolation” prize — he still sent both of them his regards.

“I’m not disrespecting Bryan at all,” he insisted. “Great guy … he was focused, locked in on Rachel the whole entire time. Much love to him, much love to her, and I hope they have beautiful mixed little babies.”

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