Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Says She's Ready for Marriage & Kids: 'I Want a Guy Who Is Not Afraid of That'

"I'm at a stage in my life where I'm ready for a family," Lindsay tells PEOPLE

The Bachelorette‘s Rachel Lindsay is looking forward to finding her forever love!

“I’m at a stage in my life where I’m ready for a family, I’m ready to get married,” Lindsay, 31, tells PEOPLE. “I want a guy who is not afraid of that. I’ve come across that in my past.”

Adding, “I’m really at the point where I’m ready for that and going through this season with Nick and being so close, made me realize how much I want it even more.”

Monday’s news that Lindsay had been cast as the first black Bachelorette in franchise history took fans by surprise by revealing that Lindsay would not receive the final rose from leading man Nick Viall.

“I was definitely heartbroken over the situation,” Lindsay says of her breakup with Viall, 36. “I didn’t expect it. I didn’t think it would end that way for me.”

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But, she continues, “Time heals all. Since then, I’ve been able to get back into work and be with family and friends, I’ve moved on from it. My biggest thing is, I just want Nick to be happy. If he’s found that with someone else, then that makes me happy too.”

After having time to heal, Lindsay is more than ready to get this show on the road.

“The breakup wasn’t that long ago, but then in reality I wasn’t really dating Nick that long either,” she says. “I really have had time to deal with my feelings.”

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Lindsay sums up, “Really one of the things that I took from it that is so important is how much I am ready for this and how much I want this. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do this again — and to be I the driver’s seat! I have my choice! I’m excited for that. It’s a different role.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET), and Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette premieres May 22, both on ABC.

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