Rachel Lindsay Had Plenty of Doubt About Bryan Abasolo's Charm: 'I Questioned Him a Lot'

"I didn't give Bryan the easy road out," Rachel Lindsay says of Abasolo's charm

A little charm doesn’t hurt, but in Rachel Lindsay‘s eyes, there needs to be more to make a relationship last.

On Monday’s Episode of The Bachelorette, Lindsay took her three remaining men — Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger — to her hometown of Dallas, Texas, to meet the family. While Kraus and Bigger’s dates went over smoothly, Lindsay’s family questioned Abasolo’s sincerity.

“Some of things my family felt about Bryan, I understood because that’s how I felt at first,” Lindsay, 32, revealed to PEOPLE at The Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping. “I didn’t give Bryan the easy road out. Yeah, people see us kiss and stuff, but you constantly hear me question him being charming, whether or not he’s genuine.”

“I questioned him a lot so I understood why they did that at first. But at the same time, you see my frustration because I felt like they weren’t as open-minded as they were with the other two men. I got defensive. There are some things you didn’t see play out,” she added.

ABC/Rodrigo Varela

During his hometown date in Dallas, Abasolo could not seem to get off on the right foot when it came to winning over Lindsay’s family.

“I was very excited to introduce Bryan to my family, but I felt like my excitement wasn’t reciprocated by my family,” Lindsay said during the episode. “I’m irritated at this point. The energy is totally different than it was the other two days with Peter and Eric.”

“My gut is telling me Bryan is a charmer,” Lindsay’s sister said. “He’s direct and he’s open, but I don’t think there’s the sincerity factor in it. My guard was up.”

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The duo have been hot and heavy since day one when Abasolo introduced himself in Spanish and planted a steamy kiss on her during arrival’s night — which eventually earned him the First Impression Rose.

“He is such a catch,” Lindsay previously said. “He is such an amazing person — and that’s the part that scares me. I don’t understand why he’s still single. This is why I think Bryan is too good to be true.”

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In May, Lindsay revealed that she had indeed found her “forever love,” saying, “I absolutely fell in love! I definitely did, I’m very, very happy. I can’t wait for you to see how it plays out, cause I’m definitely engaged! I want to scream it, every time I say it. I’m like trying to be composed.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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