Rachel Lindsay Says Waiting to Go Public with Her Relationship — & Her Ring! — 'Is Getting Harder & Harder'

Rachel Lindsay tells PEOPLE: "I'm ready to have my fiancé by my side ... we're just ready to be normal and be with each other"

Though Rachel Lindsay has had to get used to keeping her fiancé’s identity a mystery in the last few months, the 32-year-old attorney is counting down the days until she can proudly show off him — and her ring!

“I don’t even know what my ring looks like anymore,” Lindsay recently told PEOPLE at The Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping. “It’s beautiful and I wear a lot of rings, but I’m ready to wear my engagement ring. I’m ready to have my fiancé by my side. There are so many things I get to do and he’s not with me, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, he would love this so much.’ We’re just ready to be normal and be with each other.”

On Monday’s episode, emotions ran high between Lindsay and her final three suitors: Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger.

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“At this stage in my journey, the goodbyes will only get harder,” Lindsay wrote in her PEOPLE blog last week. “This journey is coming to a close, and while I sit here and write to you all a happy engaged woman — it was not an easy road to get here.”

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In May, Lindsay revealed that she had indeed found her “forever love,” saying, “I absolutely fell in love! I definitely did, I’m very, very happy. I can’t wait for you to see how it plays out, cause I’m definitely engaged! I want to scream it, every time I say it. I’m like trying to be composed.”

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Now on the path to the altar, Lindsay has no doubt the experience was worth it — even if it was much more difficult than she originally anticipated.

“I honestly thought this would get easier along the way,” she admitted at the Men Tell All taping. “I thought it would suck at first but that we’d get used to it. No! It gets better every single time we’re together.”

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That said, Lindsay acknowledged she’s growing impatient with the secrecy baked in to the Bachelorette experience.

“This is getting harder and harder. I love this man, and I never knew it’d be this great,” she told PEOPLE. “You take a risk when you choose someone because there’s so much you don’t know, but I’m telling you, it gets better every single day. It’s not always sunshine and blue skies, but at the end of every day, it’s amazing.”

She added, “It’s like what Charlotte says in Sex and the City. She’s like, ‘I’m not happy every single moment of the day, but at the end of every day, I’m happy.’ ”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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