You'll Be Surprised Who Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Want as the Next Bachelor (Sorry, Dean! No Dice, Peter!)

Between #TeamDean and #TeamPeter, fans of the franchise are waiting with bated breath to find out who the next Bachelor is

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Between #TeamDean and #TeamPeter, fans of the franchise are waiting with bated breath to find out who the next leading man of The Bachelor is, but Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo are throwing their own pick into the mix — and it’s definitely not who you might expect.

Abasolo, 37, told PEOPLE in their exclusive interview for this week’s issue: “We actually agree on this one. We think it should be Alex [Bordyukov]. He’s got a very quirky personality. I’m sure you saw the pants throughout the season, the jackets, the pants. But he’s a really smart guy, good-looking dude.”

“He’s a catch,” echoes Lindsay, 32. “I called him a unicorn in my blog. He’s really like the all-around guy. I don’t think that this was for him — it was hard for him to open up knowing there were all these other men. But I think as a Bachelor he would be fantastic.”

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The newly unveiled couple reiterated their pitch during a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America.

“I think we agree on this one,” repeated Lindsay about the 28-year-old information systems supervisor, who can solve a Rubik’s cube in minutes.

Added Abasolo, “He’s really smart, he has a really high IQ and I just think it would make an interesting season.”

“America didn’t see enough of him,” noted Lindsay. “Alex was great.”

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The newly engaged couple also appeared on Live with Kelly & Ryan, where they touched on how many kids they want (he wants three, she wants four), where they’re going to live (“somewhere together”) and whether she’ll be taking his last name, which she confirmed she would be.

But of course, host (and Bachelor superfan) Ryan Seacrest couldn’t let the pair go without asking about Lindsay’s runner-up Peter Kraus, whom she parted ways with in a heart-wrenching scene the night before getting engaged to Abasolo — after Kraus made it clear he wasn’t ready to propose just yet.

“It’s so funny to me,” she said when Seacrest asked for her response to fans who claimed she only chose Abasolo because he was willing to give her a ring.

“I’ve never been one to settle or be desperate for anything — that’s why I was 32 and still single,” she said. “So when people say stuff like ‘Bryan was the runner-up,’ I’m like, no. I think you can clearly see that I had a lot of love for Bryan and that he was the one for me. I never would have chosen a ring.”

Lindsay confirmed that Kraus tried to reach out to her after they said their goodbyes, but she shut it down.

“That was a closed chapter for me,” she said. “My focus was Bryan, I chose Bryan for a reason. I didn’t want to reopen things — Peter had his chance.”

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